Everybody’s Got the Answer

Deborah Venable



But what is the question anyway? 


Question:  Can we ever expect America to look like it once did?


Answer:  Everything is relative – what are we shooting for?  Do we want America to look like it did when European explorers discovered her?  Wild, beautiful, foreboding, full of life, promise, and almost certain danger?  Or do we want her to look like she did when the Pilgrims first tried the philosophy of communism to make her prosper?  Death and malaise were everywhere in that commune, with starvation and disease at the top of the list of killers.  Or, how about when they decided that the whole communist thing wasn’t working out, so perhaps individuals should be responsible for their own property and receive the benefits from their own labors individually?  Wonder how that looked – check it out in the history books.  Then of course came those pesky Founders with their ideas about how individuals could be guaranteed freedom from an oppressive government, and that sparked the war that would end in the establishment of the best set of documents to define a nation ever devised.  What did the country look like when all that was going on? 


No sooner had individual rights and individual states given birth to the union than the warts started to show up on the face of America.  All people were NOT free, and it could not be abided!  What did America look like then?  War causes people to abuse the land and the people who try to defend it – it causes wounds that never heal, memories that never fade, and history that should never be forgotten – lest it should ever happen again.


But a scarred and torn America did bind up her wounds and survive even such an ordeal.


Then, what did the country look like?


For the next century, she toiled and beckoned to the rest of the world to learn the meaning of true liberty and the price to be paid – and they came in droves – immigrants from other places in the world that never learned the secrets of individual freedom, prosperity, and responsibility.  Age old cultures – proud cultures, that had not produced the wisdom of this New World in all their centuries of existence were bleeding their best and brightest, their bravest and most willing citizens, who knew there must be a better way.  America was the answer to so many dreams!  What did she look like then?


America’s growing pains continued to produce problems – and answers for every one of them.  This was the “real promised land.”  This was “one nation under God” – and that was the difference.  That was the common thread in all those faces of America.  She had been blessed.  That is what she really looked like!


That doesn’t mean that everyone who came here even believed in God, but it does mean that God believed in America!  This was the first place in human history that had taken His law as its own, and tirelessly inscribed it into the very foundation of this nation!   


It wasn’t until those folks who didn’t believe in God and started to throw their weight around that America begin to falter.  Such is the story of human failing and the fall of nations. 


America as she looked under God’s law – maybe that’s what we should be shooting for, huh?  Before individualism was lost in collectivism, before morality was lost in relativism, before intelligence was lost in “enlightened” philosophy, before souls were lost in squalor – that is what America should look like!


Everybody’s got the answer and it usually includes references to one party or another, one religion or another, one philosophy or another, or one form of government or another.  Hey, we’ve already proven we could live and prosper with a multitude of differences within our borders – that is, as long as we do not allow the infringement of basic, individual rights!  Once we open the door for government to solve our philosophical or political disputes, we give up those individual rights. 


Thanks, all you non-believers who thought it would be a good idea to show God the door all those decades ago.  Now we’ve raised a couple of generations who don’t appreciate the “real promised land” they would have inherited.  Now, we’ve come full circle back to the failed communist ideal of spreading the wealth.  What wealth?  That communist ideal is squandering the real wealth of our nation! 


As we celebrate Independence Day, perhaps we should ask another question:


Are we still one nation under God, or do we start all over again?


 Everybody’s got the answer!



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