Just A Flag?




Deborah Venable



I hear your whispered, vicious lies,

And see the hatred in your eyes,

As cultures brought from other lands

Rule your heart and make demands

Upon my patience - tried and true,

To welcome masses, such as you.


You feast on freedom never known.

You use the wealth that freedom’s grown

To buy this land that shan’t be sold

For any less than patriot’s gold.

This sacred land is soaked with blood,

(Some spilled for it in foreign mud!)


We are unique in all the earth,

A race of people mixed at birth

From all the best that God hath sown

Upon this soil we call our own.

Our heritage is rare indeed –

And was not born of human greed.


Perfection sought will never see

Fruition in this land of free,

As long as those who wish us ill

Blasphemes our God to break our will,

And tramples on His moral rules

To take our rights and call us fools.


Many other lands exist

And beckon to the evil twist

In human souls that feed on hate,

And shun the warnings of their fate.

Our Founders signed a sacred vow

That those who stay will honor now.


Their progeny will see to it,

And you will see just how close knit

This family of a rag-tag few

Can be against an evil shrew.

We stand united, proud and tall

To answer freedom’s long lost call.


Cast off your socialistic ways,

Pay the price so freedom stays,

Or go forever from our shores

And plant your seeds in other moors.

America is here to stay,

And July Fourth is Freedom’s Day!


We celebrate what made us great,

We bind our wounds and dare not wait

For enemies to call the shots

On freedom’s fate – or Godless lots,

Who stain our faith or dull our view,

Of that we call, red, white, and blue!


Old Glory’s just a flag we know,

But stands in God’s almighty glow,

And waves from freedom’s shining gate

Defying all who dare abate

Our rights, self-evident and true,

Which symbolize red, white, and blue.


I pledge allegiance to that flag,

And will not honor any gag

That bids me not to say that word

Which might offend, (I say, “Absurd!”)

For Under God, the Founders knew,

This land remains – red, white, and blue!



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