Government Economics and History 101

Deborah Venable



Unless you are just crawling out of your hibernation cave, or you still haven’t come down from your hoepy-changy high brought on by the election of Mr. Fundamental Transformation, you have probably heard of the Cloward-Piven Strategy.  Please tell me most of you reading this already know what that is.


In four words, it is simply the outline for a godless prescription for disaster.


It prescribes the escalation and then demise through implosion of the government “safety net” a.k.a. welfare state and the “everybody gets a turn in the voting booth” theory of fair and just government.  It counts on violent revolution of “the workers” for success of the powerful few pulling all the strings.  Now, you don’t have to take my concise definition of this radical philosophy - dig out the facts and form your own conclusions.  That’s the assignment for this course, and I would be happy to have your input.


I must admit that I spend about as much time reading responses to articles written by others as I do reading the articles themselves.  That’s just part of research to keep my finger on the pulse of public opinion.  It is much more frightening to read the average Joe Blow Liberal response to conservative and liberal perspectives than it is to read the nonsensical blatherings of the best liberal commentary.  I am constantly attacking apathy and ignorance as the most vile enemies of a free individualist society.  It is very hard work to stay informed and free in an ever-growing collectivist society, and too many people are evidently just lazy.


As we all know, lazy people need to be organized a lot more than productive individuals.  They do not want to think for themselves or act without direction.  But they don’t mind spouting off talking points as they remove all doubt of any individually held intelligence.


Organizing is going on.  The Organizer-in-chief is seeing to it.  But, is he the brilliant leader, gifted orator, and benevolent politician so many thought he was?  More likely, this wooden soul has more strings attached to him than Pinocchio, and vanishing cream couldn’t begin to hide the size of his lengthening nose.  Since it cannot be denied that the Cloward-Piven Strategy has been and is being employed to demolish the economic system, as well as the election system in this country, it is not hard to ascertain that we can no longer depend on so-called free and fair elections to deliver us from this evil. 


Some have proposed that the only way to fight the evil is through overwhelming non-compliance.  Dump the tea in the harbor and oil up your muskets!  Armed resistance necessarily must follow non-compliance because passively starving your way to victory over the powerful overlords is impossible.  They really don’t care if you live or die, they don’t care if the country lives or dies, and they don’t have any moral constraints on maintaining and beefing up their own power at the expense of everyone else’s freedom.


From Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” to Barack Obama’s “Dreams” and “Audacity” books, communism, fascism, socialism, and absolute power drives the ideology and philosophy of radials that will bow to any tyrannical group of financiers to achieve their own self-important goals.  How these people ever thought that there would never be a “cap” placed on their evil activities in this once free society is anybody’s guess.  I would like to believe that the cap has been reached! 


It remains to be seen if the “revolution” can be peaceful, but I sincerely hope that it can.  With a “just say no” attitude, we still have the hope of human spirit to overcome the organization tactics of groupthink. 


No, we do NOT believe revisionist history of America’s founding.


No, we will NOT accept leaky scientific theories that endanger future free societies while doing nothing to curtail the REAL polluting wastes of political gimmicks to forestall REAL progress.


No, we will NOT sit idly by while progressive, secular religions replace the moral anchors necessary to preserve the spirit of true, benevolent attitudes against man’s inhumanity to man. 


No, we will NOT give up our God-given, Constitutional rights to embrace godless government authority to rule our every thought and action.


And finally, NO, we will not be slaves to a selfish, lazy society enabled by false governmental guarantees of safety and provision for their every need or want. 


Just say, “no” and swim against the tide of corruption that threatens to bury the best place on earth in the worst of history’s broken promises – already proven inaccurate theories of social justice and economic prosperity.  Redistributive change will never lift anyone out of poverty, cure any of society’s ills, or pave any path to a bright future.  It will only cause a revolt – and the shot heard round the world will come from a single individual, but many more will follow.


Here is my recommended reading list for this little course:


Good Concise Overview Of Cloward and Piven Strategy – From Discover the Networks, a David Horowitz effort. 


Expanded Outlook From InfoWars – This takes on Cloward-Piven, Obama’s deliberate attempts to destroy the economy, and conspiracy theorists exposing the new World Order. 


Cloward-Piven Government – by James Simpson is an excellent roundhouse punch to the gut of the problem. 



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