Medical Crisis In America

Deborah Venable



The Obama regime has determined that forced health care’s time has come.  It’s now or never in America to cut to the chase, declare health care a right, and siphon off the last vestiges of freedom and wealth America has left. 


They’re right!  If they want to do it, this is the last chance they will ever have to completely destroy not only the American economy, but also remove any chance for us to be a free nation again.  The socialists are excited about it.  Our enemies are ecstatic.  Our ignorant, dumbed down population is stomping around with hands out demanding that “the rich” should pay for everybody to receive whatever they want, whenever they feel like it.  The ruling class is waiting with chains in hand to round us up and place us in the solitary confinement of complete control of a government gone mad.


Over what?


The idea that people who truly need to see a doctor should be able to at somebody else’s  expense – that’s what!


The truth is that this has always been so.  Anyone who truly needs to see a doctor has always been able to seek medical attention and have the cost taken care of either through the charity of the doctor himself, charitable individuals or organizations, or government programs.  Let’s not forget pre-arranged payment through private insurance obtained by the patient or his employer.  So, why the urgent need to change this system?


First and foremost, charity must be wiped out of the human heart.  People must be made to think “charitably” only of government – not of their fellow man or any organization that would promote moral good in this country.  That must be accomplished before socialism, communism, Marxism, fascism, or any other totalitarian government tyranny can flourish. 


All the do-gooders that the brainwashed, liberal, progressive movement appeal to are easily duped into thinking that regulation and government control is the only way to level the playing field in any human society.  They do not stop to ask a very simple question.  If a person makes a million dollars a year, is it reasonable to assume that he would ever need between five and six percent of that to cover his health care costs each and every year?  Let’s put it this way – who spends fifty to sixty thousand dollars each and every year on health care?  You have to do the math to multiply that for higher income people, but I think that is a very fair question, considering that this only represents what the rich will be asked to contribute for other people’s health care – not necessarily their own.


Also remember that many of these same rich people currently support all the financial needs of everyone they employ, including health care costs through medical insurance payments.  In some cases, their employees enjoy much better benefits than they are able to afford themselves!  I know this because I have been an employer.  I have supported a payroll, including the ridiculous employer taxes, and had profits eaten alive by personal income tax after having worked harder than anyone in my employment to secure those profits.  I have seen my investment profits evaporate because a sector of the economy in which I was “wisely” invested suddenly turned sour and took almost everything I had with it.  I have been rich and then poor and then rich again and then poor again.  Such are the possibilities when you chase the American Dream.


Believe me when I say that the manufactured medical crisis in this country is the least of an individualist’s worries, unless the government mandates an upheaval of the current system and replaces it with mandated, nationalized health care of any kind.  Then there will be a real crisis.


If you ask anyone, whether they buy into nationalized health care agenda or not, if the health care system in America needs fixing, they will most likely give you a resounding “yes.”  Yes it needs fixing.  When you have people being bullied into health care they do not want or need, it needs fixing.  When you have real patient care taking a back seat to the bottom line in practically every medical institution in the country, it needs fixing.  When you have the threat of frivolous lawsuits as the driving force behind the priorities of just about every medical decision made by health care professionals, it needs fixing.  When you have the prohibitive cost of private health insurance eliminating itself as an option for otherwise responsible individuals, it needs fixing.  But what it doesn’t need is more government regulation, mandates and confiscation to pay for it as the fix.


I love the new term being bandied about now to describe the push for what amounts to the worst socialization and nationalization of health care man has ever thought up.  The term, “public option” is so very deceiving because there will be nothing “optional” about it, and as for the “public” part – well, you can kiss any thoughts of privacy you may still possess good-bye!      


You can’t get a straight answer to any question about that ridiculous stack of paper that makes up the proposed health care reformation legislation from Obama or anyone else pushing for it.  During this Glenn Beck Video you can hear an audio clip of Obama’s answer to a key question about this legislation – even he doesn’t know what it says, (or so he says.)  I think he knows exactly what the intent is, and therefore could have answered this question.  Either way, whether he knows or doesn’t know, he is grossly unqualified to speak on the whole issue!


I, for one, do not appreciate being dictated to about something as private as my health choices – especially by government, but this has become accepted practice since the first person was covered by the Medicare program.  Military personnel and their dependents, as well as V.A. benefits recipients have also had a taste of government run health care.  I have had more negative experiences than positive within all of these – affecting either myself or my loved ones.  These experiences will pale in comparison to the potential disasters that this legislation promises.  Reading the fine print in this legislation is more horrifying than reading the worst imaginings of Stephen King.  Choices will be non-existent, outcomes will be dictated, and the value of human life will be diminished. 


We just received a moratorium of sorts today as Congress announced that a vote will not be taken until after the August recess.  All I can say is seek out your senators and representatives when they come back home and make their vacations memorable!  The real medical crisis in America is the fact that this legislation is even being considered!



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