Picking the Fight

Deborah Venable



What was once common knowledge has been lost in a couple of generations raised and indoctrinated away from common sense.  The language, history, and culture of America have been altered to the extent that most folks just don’t recognize truth any more.  This is more dangerous to a free country than having war break out on our own soil, for it will cost us what Americans have never before been wiling to pay – it will cost us our future.


America has picked her fights with extreme caution in the past, regardless of what you may read in modern history books.  Anyone who has a deep understanding of military sacrifice knows why the small percentage of people who choose to give up their individual freedoms for awhile to serve in the military are so willing to do it.  At least that used to be the case.  But nowadays the military is undergoing a fundamental transformation just as the country has – and it started a long time ago.  Nowadays America scarcely knows how to pick her fights any more, and those who serve to defend her probably are hard pressed to articulate what was once that common knowledge.


You see, it used to be common knowledge that where evil and wrong threatened the American way of life or that of our allies, our defenders would go where the fight was so that it would never reach our own shores.  We fought the evil regimes of fascism and Nazism in two world wars, and our shores WERE breached before we put ourselves into the second one.  Then there was the communist threat.  The common knowledge during the controversial wars in Korea and Vietnam was that if we didn’t effectively fight communist takeover overseas, we would have to eventually fight it here in our own country.  Our children would have to see with their own eyes the horrors of war in their own backyard.  Those of us who knew the truth also knew that communism was already here and boring a hole in the soul of America.  Common knowledge was already lost to many of the brainwashed masses spawned in the 60s and 70s. 


While courageous soldiers fought communist evil overseas, the selfish maniacal ideologies were having their way with the American people and taking over the government.  Those brave military survivors came home to a land awash in hatred and misunderstanding, and common knowledge was once again the victim.  Overlapping this communist evil came the assault of Islamic extremists – nothing new by the way.  America was already pledged to do battle with these old enemies.  When they brought the fight to our own soil in such horrific fashion, it just punctuated the need to fight harder.  But those same selfish maniacal ideologists went to work again on the heart and soul of America, and common knowledge has been defeated yet again.


Picking the fight is still the most important thing we have to do in this country to save human freedom and liberty.   Currently, we have a whole host of fights to choose from, but the fight to regain common knowledge is the most important.  To teach and learn factual history, and apply what we can learn from it to approach the all-important struggle for human freedom must be at the top of our list.  Our founders knew and understood that the number one enemy of human freedom is the government they set up to live under.  Government cannot become so vast and so controlling that individuals are forced to worship it as a god.  That is what we have now.  That is what the maniacal ideologists wanted.  They are willing to trade individual responsibility for collective irresponsibility, and that only leads to collective internal terrorism.  That is the first fight that must be won.  This was once common knowledge in a land of freedom loving individuals.


The government must go on a diet – a Constitutional diet to slim down its bloated girth and take the pressure off its heart and soul.  It needs less money and fewer employees to accomplish this – not more of both.  It needs courageous, individual leaders who are not out to transform bedrock principles into unrealistic guarantees, but are willing to remind individuals that they alone have the power to direct their own lives.  They will not need a collective monster to coerce human will to the point of handing over this individual power to a handful of maniacal ideologists.  Chains of slavery do not rest easy on anyone.  Slavery to a government gone mad with too much power can only offer misery and death.  Why would any individual refuse to see that, or worse, freely choose it?


 Socialist utopias do not exist and communism flies in the face of human freedom.  This was once common knowledge, and it was taught in our schools.  Now our schools are overrun with maniacal ideologists that teach fear and loathing of individual worth and concentrate on producing a standardized citizenry incapable of individual thought.  The current First Lady recently lamented that students were once “hungry to learn.”  (Meaning, I guess, that isn’t true any more.)  She is probably more right about that than even she realizes – but I doubt if she knows why.  Now, granted, she was talking specifically to and about black students, but I see no value in separating the desire for human freedom with a racial equation.  The “old” hunger for learning is simply a human one.  It isn’t being met in the vast majority of American schools today because of who is in charge of them.


You want to pick a fight worth having?  Try that one for starters.



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