Three Types Of Racists

Deborah Venable



The racial situation in this “melting pot” of ours has taken a serious turn for the worse lately.  Anybody else see that?  Haven’t we just spent a couple of weeks now discussing the Obama/Gates gate?  Before that we had the Sotomayor gate, which certainly had enough foul flavor of racism in its own right, and of course any time you have any negative thing to say about Obama or his policies, you must be a racist, n’est-ce pas?  No, we don’t seem to be getting any better off with our race relations – not as long as the liberal rant includes daily slurs about America’s “shameful” past and present!


Let me just say for the record, in my opinion, the president handles the whole question of race relations in America quite “stupidly.”


After giving it some thought, I have come to the conclusion that there are three types of racists or potential racists in the world.  All of them have to do with a lot of ignorance, a basic lack of a healthy American attitude, and an insistence that human beings have no individual value.  This brings us to type number one:


1.      Collective thought racist – this could be an umbrella definition under which the others would probably fit, but I’d rather, for the sake of complete accuracy, break it down even further than this.  A collective thought racist is incapable of individual thought processes and so must identify with a collective, a group or collection of groups which he can totally rely on for unquestioned support.


2.      Guilt-ridden racist – this collective thinker chooses to place himself into a group of unworthy, (or less worthy) people of whom nothing is really expected.  These groups certainly don’t expect individuals with no guilt to be anything but objects of ridicule, and, as such, usually see them as nonsensical and ridiculous or even hateful.


3.      Constructed racist – this is the mass produced racist constructed by the unabashed educational system and/or media.  These are the truly dangerous racists because they cannot reach beyond the boundaries of their construct.  They can only fit the mold that produced them.


The lofty, stated ideals of Martin Luther King may never be reached by any of these people because they are incapable or unwilling to recognize “content of character” and, thus, cannot see beyond the color of skin. 


Yes, racism in America is alive and well.  Black liberation theology, such as that brought to light by the Reverend Wrights of the world, holds that God shouldn’t be very happy with America specifically because white folks made slaves out of black folks once upon a time.  Never mind that slavery hasn’t been an issue for a hundred and fifty years now and several generations of black folks born in this country have been born free, and never mind that a relatively small percentage of the white population back then ever owned black slaves, (a lot more actually owned white ones.)  All that is irrelevant.  Segregation was evil if it meant that blacks were restricted from mingling with whites, but segregation is accepted and encouraged if it affirms special consideration for minorities.  Affirmative Action sets aside any consideration of equality, but “goddamn” an America that tries to stop it – right Reverend? 


Pat Buchanan's piece, written back in March of 2008, attempted to address the race issue in much the same way that the Al Sharptons, Jessie Jacksons, and other well-known race baiters have always addressed it, namely: “sit down, shut up, and listen to my side for once.”  I did a little research on just how Buchanan’s article was received and found, not to my surprise, that most of what he had to say was totally dismissed by the assorted types of racists who don’t really acknowledge being racists.  I warn you, the link provided contains very harsh language and a lot of ignorance.  If you would like to see other research, I trust you could find as much or more than I did, but don’t expect any definitive answers.


I have come to the sad conclusion that we will always be a country of racists unless and until we reject the slide toward collectivism and remember that we are a country of individuals.  I don’t know of a single, true individualist that is a racist, so, therein lies the answer.


You guys, who continue to embrace collectivism, just go on thinking that we can “unite” the races if we just learn to respect the differences and forget the past.  I learned a long, long time ago that forgiving and forgetting are two entirely different things.  We can forgive without forgetting, but we certainly can never forget without forgiving.  Then we would also have to have a very good grasp of just what it is we are trying to forget or forgive.  If it is the issues of slavery and discrimination, an individual who has never held slaves or discriminated against anyone because of race, has nothing to forgive or forget.  An individual should not feel shame or superiority simply because of his race, yet that is what race baiters ask us to do on a regular basis. 


If you were expecting great strides toward “equality” because of the election of the bi-racial president, how’s that working out for you?  He is perhaps the worst collectivist of all because not only does he depend on pitting groups against groups, but he also expects to rule from a point outside of all groups – as a dictator. 


Obama has no more right to lecture on America’s shameful past or present than any other dictator living in a philosophical glass house.  If he were a self-assured individualist and true race uniter, he would not need a well-publicized and symbolic beer party to punctuate how well the races can get along without apologizing for errors in judgment, defective content of character, or injecting accusations of racial profiling into the job of keeping the peace and protecting individual property.  Anyway, he should have at least served wine and offered to break bread with the “offenders.”



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