Party Politics On Life Support?

Deborah Venable



My, how time flies, huh?  Now we can truly say that the mid-term elections are just around the corner.  The primary season has been wild, hasn’t it?  Our very compromised media continues to spout lame headlines proclaiming “tea party victories” all over the country.  Tea party victories?  Really?  How about real American victories?  Wouldn’t that be better?  Because, truthfully, in most places, the more “real” a candidate is this year, the better his or her chances for victory.  The old party politics just isn’t working as well this year.  The real people, who go to the polls to mark real ballots are less interested in parties than they are in just plain everyday life and how the representatives that they choose will work to effect real people.  What a concept!


Then there is the concept of the “Tea Party” – that loosely organized, impossible to define entity that stormed the stage of party politics not so long ago and began to knock the establishment for a loop.  Both major parties should be trembling in their boots if they seek to ignore or discredit tea party results.  They should be equally worried if they try to insincerely embrace this tea party concept.


This is simply the redefining of individualism in America seeking a platform from which to admonish and fight the boorish collectivism that has been strangling America for decades.  State Houses all over the country and, indeed, Washington D.C. have been party towns for far too long.  The public, the real Americans, are tired of being called in to clean up after the parties.  Period.  They are also tired of funding them.  They are tired of being told who they are, what they need, and how to live their lives. 


Over seven years ago I published this article.  Man, things were different back then, huh?  Read it and tell me it could not be written today.


The only difference is that things have gotten much worse, party politics even more corrupt, but, thankfully, more individuals have decided to wake up.  But, notice the tax cut issue.  Wow!  That one just won’t go away will it? 


Liberals/Progressives/Democrat and Republican Party Elites are still arguing over how much of our own money we have the “right” to control, and who pays and who gets a free ride.  It is all about control and it is all funded with individual’s pocketbooks.  If every “rich” person in America handled their checkbooks like the governments of this country do, there would be no genuine wealth in America at all.  We would be a land solely made up of thieves and paupers.  We would all be segregated into housing projects, either worked to the bone or allowed to decay like so much rotting garbage while the thieves lived high on the hog and desecrated our every resource.  The fight to control our own lives is still what it is all about, folks.


It is no dream that party politics has always been on life support, and that still free, American individuals have the plug in their hands and the ability to pull that plug and watch the corruption and thievery die.  Could it be that we are about to see it actually happen?



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