Conventional Differences

Deborah Venable



I could have called this piece, “Go ahead, make my day.”  The inclusion of Clint Eastwood’s brilliant speech at the RNC in Tampa was magical, and the media uproar it spawned afterward was comical.  I even heard some folks on the right excoriating the 82 year-old actor for “rambling and being nonsensical” of all things.  If I make it to 82, (and it ain’t that far away for me) I can only hope my mind and delivery are as clear as Mr. Eastwood displayed in that speech!  His timing was impeccable, his delivery clear as bell, and his meaning was unmistakable.  What more do you people want?


Talk about “rambling and nonsensical” – that perfectly describes everything coming from the desperate DNC if you ask me.  I think they all forgot what they were actually there in Charlotte for that week!  It certainly wasn’t to sell their platform to a majority of Americans, or to make us all feel better about who’s been in charge for the last four years.  In a word, it just reminded us of “failure.” 


Not only that, but it took a pointed look at failure by harkening back to the likes of stellar Democrat failures from Jimmy Carter to John Kerry, with an especially nauseating look at Bill Clinton.  This trip down Memory Lane merely succeeded in punctuating the abject failure that IS Barack Obama, and he personally put that icing on the cake at the close of the convention.


I won’t even bother to sum up all the lies and half truths this bunch threw around on the convention floor, but it is interesting to note that even some in liberal loving mainstream media couldn’t avoid pointing out some of the real doozies.


Okay gang, so the conventions are all over and the campaigns now swing into high gear.  I say we could be in for anything over the next few weeks, so hang on to your hats. 


I didn’t much more than finish writing that sentence when the bottom fell out in the Middle East.  While this administration’s foreign policy has been little more than an abject failure, now we have it to directly thank for the mayhem in Egypt and Libya on September 11th of all days!  How’s that “let’s not make the radical Muslims mad at us” policy working out for you?  Funny, considering the aforementioned Democrat Convention kept reminding everyone that Obama killed Osama – like THAT wouldn’t be a call to violence for those Stone Aged, dung brained, hypocritical, devout users of the Mecca mats! 


So, now we have two of our embassies breeched, one ambassador, and at least three other Americans dead, and we are supposed to be stupid enough to believe that some YouTube video is responsible for it all?  Not only that, but Mitt Romney should have kept his mouth shut about it and let Boy Wonder act presidential? 


Well, here’s my take on the whole thing.  Assuming we can even make it to the November election, and after that to a January swearing in ceremony, if any shred of the real America is left, we better hope that ignorance takes a holiday on election day and stays home!  I will not tolerate any holier than thou types trying to give any reason at all for either voting for the Democrats or not voting for the Republicans.  You bet there are conventional differences between the two parties.  One caters to and promotes ignorance while the other seems to be wiping more sleep out of their eyes.  We will need to keep pumping caffeine into the victorious Republicans perhaps, but at least they might give us a fighting chance!


U.S. foreign policy is going to remain in shambles until a few things happen.  The American people as a whole – Muslims and everybody else – must begin to act like they understand foreign policy to at least an elementary level.  Before I go any further, I’d better define that level.  America was founded and built upon an ideology of individual freedom.  We have tried our best to share as much of that precious and valuable commodity with as many in the rest of the world that say they also want and value it as we can, but we do not wish to insert ourselves where we are not wanted.  By the same token, we will defend our homeland and the well-being of our national interests without apology for that ideology. 


Whoever ends up in governmental power here should know that they are being scrutinized by an ever watchful bunch of individuals who understand a lot more about securing freedom for ourselves than the power hungry elites ever do.  We are going to start demanding real accountability, and that includes receipts for every government expenditure.  Think of us as individual citizen IRS agents and fear us as much as we are supposed to fear you.  If you ever get the idea that you can secure your never ending power by way of enlisting as many mindless sheep, group-think, lazy, criminal idiots as it takes to win the next election, forget it.  They cannot keep you in power and money long enough to do us any more harm because we are awake now.          


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