Polite Society

Deborah Venable



The old dictates of a “polite society” are slowly killing America – or are they? 


In a polite society, ladies and gentlemen are expected to conduct themselves in such a way that causes little or no discomfort to those around them.  I was always taught to treat people the way I would like to be treated.  I carried this forward to my own children with slightly different language – “don’t do anything to anybody that you wouldn’t want them to do to you.”  Sound familiar?  The Golden Rule has been expressed in many ways in most religious texts throughout history, which may come as a surprise to some.  I learned it as a child in Christian context spoken by Jesus as, “Do unto others…”


I have often maintained that if all people lived by that one rule alone, no other rules would be necessary.  Searching for utopia?  There you have it.  Not living by the Golden Rule is a sin if you are religious, definitive if you are evil, excused if you are a politician, and expected if you are a realist.  Adding more and more rules to follow – laws if you will, muddies the waters of polite society and provides anything but a utopia in which to live.  But the governmental regulation hacks that reside in all governments are not interested in creating a utopia because they know it would put them out of business.  Some things are just too simple.


Anti-capitalism revolutionaries certainly are not interested in utopias or polite societies either.  Of all the various economic systems and forms of government mankind has been able to dream up, capitalism and our very own Constitutional Representative Republic (no, Virginia – it isn’t a democracy) are the closest man will ever come to achieving either a polite society or a utopia.  That we have strayed so far from the original intent of both speaks volumes to the mess we have now. 


The idiots who like to claim that socialism and communism are soooooo cool haven’t bothered to listen to those who have managed to escape from it and come here where they thought they would be safe.  It must be a nightmare for them now as they realize just how many ignorant fools are allowing America to become what they fled.  The revolutionaries have it all wrong anyway.  Those wishing to run to communism must take baby steps in a free society – which many have been doing.  Now they think they can be bold and make the giant leap.  After all these years of being patient and taking it slow, they think they have indoctrinated enough of the youth, and frightened enough of the old and infirm into believing that government is the answer, and that politeness can be regulated. 


The “old dictates” may just get them in the end. 


Honesty, honor, integrity, and good character, are individual traits – individual traits of a polite society.  Political correctness, dishonesty, greed, and envy are collective traits of a nation that forgot it was created under God’s blessing. 


Are we headed in the right direction yet?  You tell me!  One individual to another.



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