Want To Meet an American?

Deborah Venable



I must pull back the veil of pessimism every now and then and write something upbeat.  There’s your spoiler for this article.


Everywhere we look in the country and the world right now, we see events out of control and threatening everything we hold dear.  From the heathen pirate attacks off Somalia, to the unrest in major streets in the Middle East, from the ever growing attacks on our own law enforcement professionals all over this country, to the well orchestrated union unrest in several cities here, from the all out federal attack on sovereign states to the petty back biting going on within and between the major political parties, and from the much too dumbed down American public to the complicit media that fails to do its watchdog job – we got big trouble folks!


But the one thing my America does NOT have is consensus that this is the best we have or the best we can do.


While the heathens and cowards of the world laugh out loud at us and mock our inadequate administration, real Americans know something that they do not.  While the criminal, immoral, and, yes, stupid citizens of this country yammer about what our place in the world should be, how our policies are unfair, and they think our weakness is growing, real Americans know something that they do not. 


While class envy is encouraged by some, it is shunned by most.  While weakness is applauded by some, it is detested by most.  While morality is scoffed at by some, it is valued by most.  While courage is unknown by some, it is the backbone of most.  In other words, meet most Americans.


We are not what is depicted by much of the Hollywood media.  We are not what our enemies think we have become.  We are not willing to throw away everything our Founders suffered and died for, and we are not willing to bow down to a mandate of oppression from which we could never recover.  Forget it Ace!  You want a fight?  Meet your opponents.


Do you really think there are enough strings in the world to control the American people on a puppet’s stage?  The difference is that our “normal” here in America is different from everybody else’s normal.  Our normal is first and foremost cemented in individual rights and freedom – not manufactured privileges from real ruling power elites.  Those American citizens that do not realize this big difference are not the ones you will have to contend with if you choose to push us into a corner.  There are more than enough of us who DO know how important our uniqueness is.  We do not quake in fear of defending our country; we only fear the consequences if we do not.


I have never known a life that would make me fear for the fact of my gender, but those living in nations controlled by Shariah Law, or who have fled those nations to come here know all too well how that feels.  Some idiots, (and I use that term accurately – not merely condescendingly) living here and elsewhere actually think America would be a better place if the Statue Of Liberty wore a burkha until it can be demolished.  Having personally visited this American landmark, recognizable the world over, I will simply say that this suggestion alone is enough to make me take up arms and accurately send anyone coming against me to a just reward, with or without the ridiculous stable of virgins that might await him.  Just so we’re on the same page here, my ancestors call it “the happy hunting ground.”


Just how stupid, (once again used accurately and not very lovingly) do you people think we are? 


And now a word to the communists, who think they can hijack the Islamist extremists and have their way with America too.  I lived through “duck and cover,” the Cuban missile crisis, and Khrushchev’s shoe pounding moment.  During that time, I also saw sputnik give way to the moon landing and the fall of the Berlin Wall.  You folks are pitiful!  Oh, you have definitely infiltrated us – no doubt – but we know it!  You think the pansy asses in our institutions of higher learning, our entertainment capitol, a.k.a. Hollywood, and our unionized work force will serve us up on a silver platter to you? 


They are not who you have to worry about.


Allow me to introduce the American you simply don’t know exists.  That American knows it is entirely possible to work hard and have a very good life here.  He also knows it is faith and love that wins over hopelessness and violence in the good fight.  We take up arms in love for our God, our families, and our country – just like our ancestors have always done.  Our God does not require the blood of our enemies, but rather the wisdom of our souls to define us.  


I must laugh at the naivety of those Islamist enemies of Americans, who think they can take over this country, a country of over 300 million, half of which are female, who just in the last scant century fought within the bounds of our own laws for the right to vote and own property, and within the last scant half century won the imagined “right” to abort their children and burn their bras – to think that these enemies could send this population back into the stone age rule of Shariah Law, where women have NO rights – where are your brains???


Our traditional patriarchal society honors women and recognizes them as the backbone of the traditional family, which is the building block of a moral society.   


There is something else our enemies are unaware of.  Even though we may bicker among ourselves, we were all raised in (or willingly came to) this country – still the best chance in all the world to sleep in peace at night.  As soon as that becomes impossible to do any more because there are enemies behind every tree, the instinct to survive, and return to that, will win over most of the fantasy illusions of peace that dance around in the empty heads of those easy touches our enemies expect to encounter.  In their hard-learned lesson, they will come around to the fight, and we will welcome them to it. 


All in good time, my friends.  Sleep well tonight.      



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