Consistency Please!

Deborah Venable



Let’s just face it – our American English language has been bastardized to the high heavens!  Talk about a communication breakdown, this is far more like a total understanding breakdown.  We can chalk it up to another great failing of the public education system coupled with corruption of the media, I suppose, and perhaps feel better about it, but that would be a total cop out and it wouldn’t fix the problem.  That problem is that too many Americans do not know how to define themselves as individuals any more.  They go out of their way to identify with a set of beliefs, which in most cases is constantly changing. Therefore, they come off sounding, at best, inconsistent. 


It has been the opinion of many “conservative” thinkers that the two-party system in America is all but extinct except for the purpose of confusing the voting public.  We do have more of a one-party system now than ever envisioned by the Founders.  That one party is, of course, “government” – as big and as restricting as it can possibly get.  Believe me, folks, the political parties in this country are in collusion to shove the concept of big government down all our throats.  The reason for this is quite elementary; politicians like their “careers” and have no intention of taking government back in time to the concept of “public service” through temporary political jobs. 


We must stop making “government service” so damned attractive to career politicians.  We do not need career politicians running any government in this country – not federal, state or local government.  Now just the very fact that two major streams of political thought once flourished in most political “boot camps” was somewhat of a stabilizing influence on our system of government.  Politicians were wise not to get too comfortable in their respective offices, and that was surely a very good thing.  With the melding of the two main parties into little better than a grotesque agency of advertising promotion for would be career politicians, we end up with a staged effort at public service government.  I liken it to the modern fight promoters who “handle” sport wrestlers.  What you see on stage is a big show.  You fill in the rest of the blanks on that one!


So, definitions do not truly define groups, much less individuals, and there is no adherence to language that would describe politicians, for the most part, as consistent in any way.  No wonder we are wide open for socialism, communism, and tyrannical domination by the few.  One-party politics, especially that vaudeville variety that plays itself out on the American political stage, is a hard monster to defeat.  The various sprouts or offshoots of the beast, (all the other political parties), are poor substitutes for the qualified adversary that the two party system always supplied.  There are no checks and balances on this thing because the media has long been bought and paid for and the public frighteningly reduced to apathy of disgust – not champions of justice.  What little fight has been mustered from those who still care has not been enough to keep this demon from being created in the first place, nor will it be enough to slay it without considerably more attention paid to it.  Republicans and Democrats must begin demanding accountability from within their own ranks as vehemently as they pretend to demand it from the “opposing” team.  I do not mean the backbiting that usually goes on during the primary pruning season of election years – but rather an effort by all that would judge and elect representatives or propose service as an elected representative to look beyond the label at the deeds. 


We must return to a nation of individualists, with loyalties first to ourselves, before we can be the strong and compassionate country that America once was instead of this political behemoth of deception that we have become.  Ambiguity in definition has no place in an individualist society.  That is a game that collectivists play.  The language confusion is key to any society driven by collectivist philosophies.     


Consistency isn’t too much to ask for and true representation certainly isn’t too much to demand.     



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