Get the Fish Fried Already!

Deborah Venable



While the American economy continues to swirl its way down the toilet, in this summer of no recovery, American punditry has much bigger fish to fry – or so it seems.  Discussions about the politics of religion, (yep, you read that right) are sizzling in every major media outlet where more than one person gathers to dish out the news.


I’ve never seen such ranting and pussyfooting – simultaneously – over subjects relating to religion in one way or another in my entire life!


The two on the front burner right now are gay rights and Muslim rights.  Gays want to be able to spread their aberrance as more and more normal and so do Muslims as the case may be.  Both are ridiculous in the amount of ink, airtime, and bandwidth being wasted to tout or dispute their positions.


Hey, uh, guys – ink, airtime, and bandwidth all cost money!  Last I checked, the government is controlling more and more of that and seeks to have it all some day.  While the bulk of the American thinking public very definitely leans toward (here’s a favorite term) fiscal conservatism, and we have at least one major political party with that in their platform, the government is blatantly wielding the power of socialism with a tyrannical bent, and conveniently sweeping aside the religious arguments that would stand in the way.  Big tent politics just won’t work any more.  You cannot compromise with idiots, tyrants, or zealots.  It costs far too much money, which belongs to the American people.


What we are undoubtedly witnessing in this country right now is a war between individualism and collectivism.  It is an ongoing war that has been fought on many fronts before and will continue to be fought as long as any individual freedom remains.  It is costly in so many ways because moral principles are compromised to build worthless collective altars on which to sacrifice valuable individual rights. 


No one properly vetted the current president for qualifications to the office before electing him as some kind of god to lead America to the promised land of an imagined utopia where government makes everything okay for everybody.  Now, that is a statement of fact.  Period.  No untruths there, no conspiracy theories, no room for name-calling or bigotry – just the facts!  The American people are finally waking up to this painful fact only after they have been forced to take a good look at their bottom line.  See, it always comes back to money.


We are finding out, just about daily, how many inroads have been made into the soul of this country via the giant collective that is the religion of Islam.  One decade ago, very few American people were even aware of many of the destructive tenets of this religion.  Now you have “experts” on every corner, and they are mostly well-seasoned with tolerance for “peaceful Islam” and a healthy dose of intolerance for other religions.  Case in point, there are probably far more proponents for the construction of the Ground Zero Mosque, (sorry AP – that’s what it is) among so-called Christian heavy hitters (rulers) than there are “peaceful” Muslim supporters.  Among the average American people, however, (individuals who do not see the need to compromise their good sense) that is not the case.  Rest assured that if the construction is stopped, it will only be because the money isn’t there for it.


As most of the state governments of this country and the federal government itself are yawing in a sea of threatened bankruptcy, little to nothing is being done to bring about financial solvency – much less moral solvency that we so desperately need.  Everyone is looking to the November elections to right the ship before it slips beneath the progressive socialist sea of doom.  There are certainly a few that know the real score, but most still do not get it.  The Congress, that part of our government that is most often answerable to the American people, is awash in corruption, stagnated in Washington elitism, protected by a non-functioning media establishment, and very likely to continue with business as usual no matter which party comes out on top.  We’ve seen it happen repeatedly.  In order to make any real difference, the American people need to snatch back the purse strings that have allowed bad things to happen.  The truth is that Congress has too much power to take money from us and spend it as they see fit.  Everything we do, every vote we cast should be based on changing that one thing.  It is the bottom line after all.


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