Media Malpractice

Deborah Venable



I stumbled on this documentary quite by accident.  By the way, that is the name of it, “Media Malpractice,” produced by John Ziegler in 2009.  I challenge anyone who hasn’t seen it to look it up and watch it.  I found it commercial free at Netflix, and streamed it.  If you have to, buy it and watch it.  It will not be money or time wasted.


Let me pause here for a moment and say this:  I was NOT a supporter of John McCain in the 2008 primary campaign.  I did NOT vote for him in my state’s (Alabama) primary election.  By the time of Alabama’s primary, my chosen candidate, Duncan Hunter, was off the ballot, so I voted for Mike Huckabee, the lesser of the evils.  Now, just so you don’t think that I am a completely uninformed voter, let me say this:  Duncan Hunter hailed from a previous “home state” of mine, California.  I lived for a total of over 14 years in the state – a portion of which was in Duncan Hunter’s district.  I lived in      Phoenix, Arizona for over 16 years, during which time I voted for John McCain for Senator multiple times because he was the lesser of the evils.  I knew him to be patriot, and always more moderate than my first choice.  To be absolutely fair, the only time he showed ANY “maverick” blood to me was when he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate in the 2008 presidential election.


When John McCain was selected as the Republican nominee in the presidential race, I was less than enthusiastic about his chances against the Democrat.  With all the stories flying around about McCain’s choice being almost equally brilliant and stupid, it was a fun time.  For myself, I can only say that I was absolutely flabbergasted that he actually did it – and I was extremely pleased with his choice.  I was already aware of Palin and considered that she was the only smart choice if McCain was to have any chance to win. 


If not for the media malpractice and the deliberate sabotage by the Republican Party elite, we would have elected the first woman Vice President in 2008, and the country today would be many times better off for it. 


I don’t say all this lightly.  I don’t sell my vote nor cast it in ignorance – and neither will I in the 2012 election if I am still alive then.


I would like to address the balance of this article to conservative voters, who may be starting to formulate their opinions of various candidates who may run in 2012.  You may choose to be swayed by that same party elite that torpedoed “your” ticket in 2008 and seek out another “more qualified” candidate to throw your support behind.  But I will stick my neck way out here and say this:  unless Sarah Palin decides to run for president, the Democrats will have the Whitehouse for four more years!


Now, if I were Sarah Palin, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole!  There is no way I would even consider running for elected office again – as anything!  The treatment she has received by members of her own party is deplorable – not to mention the liberal hacks that she has had to deal with.  Also remember that half the electorate are women, and women are the most fickle of supporters on the face of the earth - as a collective of course.  Plenty of women will never understand a Sarah Palin or be willing to give her the time of day.  That includes conservative women as well as liberals.


Maybe I speak from a unique perspective, but I believe everything I say here.  Strong women scare the snot out of most other women.  Any woman who dares to walk beside instead of behind, because she is truly capable of it, is a threat to the feminist mind and the foolish male ego alike.  Strong women know better than weak ones (and their foolish male counterparts) their own limitations, and they appreciate, perhaps better than anyone else, the absolute value of freedom!


Let’s take stock for a minute just what we would be getting with a Sarah Palin candidacy for president.  This is a woman who falls outside the norm for the modern American.  Her parents supplied her with an intact family environment growing up, and that family is still unbroken.  She has made her own intact family unit – unbroken – and has given birth five times.  That is over double the norm by the way.  (I can identify with that one personally.)  The fact that her oldest daughter had a child out of wedlock is a symptom of modern times more than an indictment of her personal failings.  Sarah certainly didn’t abandon her daughter, and her daughter did NOT abort her child.  (Both would have been easily reconciled in the modern court of public opinion.)  Neither did Sarah Palin choose to abort her own son, even knowing that he would be handicapped.  (This is the real sticking point for the weak women and their foolish male counterparts.)  One last thing I will mention – Sarah Palin can provide for her family.  Personally if need be.  She can also defend them with her life, and do it adequately with no hesitation.


If I have to explain that last statement, then you just don’t get it.


That, ladies and gentlemen, is the crux of a viable, serious, and more than adequate candidate for leader of the free world. 


We also get the bonus of years of professional experience as a chief executive in different formats.  Contrary to media bias and elite opinion, Sarah Palin is well informed and firmly in touch with American exceptionalism.  Last but not least, in a country that elected the “first black president” last time out, and proceeded to break its arm patting itself on the back, do you really think that the same electorate would be willing to pull a lever for a stereotypical, white, male politician two years from now? 


Wake up, Republicans!  You have the real deal right in front of you, and her name is Sarah Palin.  You’d better hope that she is still willing to do battle for you!    


Food for further thought:  It doesn’t really matter how badly Obama performs over the next two years at his job as president – as long as his campaign is handled as well as his last one, he will win reelection.  As long as the media malpractice continues to the degree that it did before, the negative actions, words, and character of this man will be covered up, (i.e. remember he said he’d visited 57 states – only one example of many) and he will be deemed as highly qualified to lead this country as he was before.  Meanwhile we have the hated ex-president Bush and some members of his family commenting that Palin is “unqualified,” and the media lapping it up as Gospel.  Those latching onto the “unqualified” mantra when describing Palin have always stunk to high heavens.  The United States Constitution lays out very nicely for us all the EXACT qualifications necessary for the position of president. 


Question:  who do these people think they are?


 Finally – just to show that I have been consistent, read this and tell me I was wrong!



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