A Spoonful Of Sugar

Deborah Venable



Both major party conventions are over now, and what grand shows they turned out to be.  All the players did their parts and said all their lines without a hitch.  Everyone’s “base” is energized and the campaigns that started too long ago are finally winding into the homestretch.  The American political extravaganza never ceases to amaze.


The industry of political campaigning is huge and growing by leaps and bounds.  Political office in today’s world is lucrative, and getting there is expensive.  Because money plays such a large part in our political process, it is no wonder that average people are finding it harder and harder to trust government or politicians of any stripe.  It also explains why most who decide to vie for political office are not statesmen, but rather ladder climbers in a contest of career building – or just downright power hungry egomaniacs.


Few senators have ever been elected to the presidency of the United States, yet this time around that is the only choice we have.  A senator will become our 44th president.


John McCain has been a tough pill for a lot of conservatives to swallow.  Thank God he finally managed to offer up a spoonful of sugar to help it go down.  While I believe in large part that McCain fits my aforementioned description of the modern typical politician, Sarah Palin obviously does not.  I think she is exactly what we need “a heartbeat away” from the most powerful person on earth.


Do I know the governor personally?  No, I do not.  But I know her type.  I and many other American women identify with her type because we see a lot of ourselves in her.  If we have been professionally successful, we know that has been due to our own efforts and not because we hit all the right rungs (or bedrooms) on some corporate ladder.  If we have happy families, we know how much effort and sacrifice has been required to secure them, and we know that those families have always been our first priority.  If we have faithful husbands, we know that our good relationships grew out of mutual respect shared with our spouses for the individuals we are and not because of a collective entitlement we expected.


I personally identify with Sarah Palin’s love and respect for “roughing it” in the wild outdoors.  I’ve been hunting and fishing all my life, and the “fruits” of those trips have graced my family’s table many, many times.  Haven’t made it up to Alaska to hunt moose yet, but I’ll bet it’s a real trip! 


Above all, Sarah Palin’s most endearing quality to me is her absolute support for the right to life.  She not only spoke up, but she acted out her beliefs in that respect.  As a mother of five children myself, I understand exactly what it is like to be encouraged to abort a child.  It happened to me four out of my five pregnancies!  As I have said before, the most shameful thing in America’s history happened in 1973 when legislation from the bench of our highest court made destruction and desecration of the most innocent life on earth legal.  From that point on, those of us who believe in the sanctity of human life have been fighting for the return of sanity to our country that was founded on the concepts of an unalienable right to life above all else. 


I believe that the McCain – Palin ticket will not place judges on the Supreme Court who have pledged to support a woman’s “right to choose” above an innocent human baby’s right to live.  I know that the Obama – Biden ticket will. 


I believe that for all his faults, John McCain understands his country at the very least, and knows the dangers we face.  I don’t believe that Barack Obama understands or appreciates America for the good that we are nor values us enough to lay down his life or fortunes to save us from our many foes. 


I believe that McCain and Palin have strong credentials that suggest their economic policies will strengthen and not weaken America.  I know that Obama and Biden would run the economy into the ground and feed the behemoth that is fast becoming a socialist/communist form of government.


So, while many conservative voters will sit on their hands (or laurels) this November or throw their votes away on impossible choices, I must and I will vote for this Republican ticket.  The spoonful of sugar will indeed help the medicine go down, but it is, after all, lifesaving medicine. 



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