An Uncivil Rant

Deborah Venable



To all you liberal, progressive, socialist, communist, and otherwise ignorant citizens in this land of the so-called free:


Stop lecturing me about civility!


I mean it – I am sick and tired of the blather.  Your arguments reek of ignorance.  You denigrate people as intelligently inferior for simply holding conservative principles.  Can you really blame me for calling YOU ignorant?


Taking the high road with you people does no good because, after all, YOUR road is always paved with good intentions.  You live in a world that doesn’t even exist.


I take this 38th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion to remind you that I have NEVER thought it was fine and dandy to kill unborn, partially born, or accidentally born human babies.  If you defend abortion as just and right, which of us, then, truly knows the definition of civility?


You wring your hands when a nut job decides to acquire a gun and do a violent deed with it.  Your answer is to ban guns, even as you try to explain away the nut job’s actions and blame conservative “hate speech” for inciting him.  Regulation of Constitutional freedoms is your answer to all of society’s problems.  Yet, any mention of regulation of deviant acts or assault on Christian traditions puts you into a tailspin. 


There is no way to prove your case on abortion, (tissue mass – not really human) with anything approaching scientific certainty, yet you don’t mind wrecking the economy, brainwashing children, and deciding more and more “personal” choices, (like which light bulbs we can use and what cars we can drive, just to name two) based on little more than fantasy science of earth’s impending destruction from global warming. 


I have never tried to ram my personal opinions and beliefs down anyone’s throat, but I have a God-given and Constitutionally protected RIGHT to them.  You have beaten me over the head, tied my hands, and tried to gag me with your “good intentions” codified in so much useless legislation and politically correct garbage that I have to choke on it every single day of my life – and you keep dreaming up more.  You have no intention of living peacefully with those who do not share your views, yet I am uncivil if I just want to be left alone?


You worry about what the rest of the world thinks about a country that was designed to provide and promote individual freedom over the dictates of a collective rule.  You scoff at the difference between rule of law and rule of man – if you even understand it.  You allow and promote real social decay to infringe on individual rights.  You don’t seem to worry about mortgaging America’s soul and her future generations to countries who only wish us harm. 


Do you even know the meaning of priorities?


You have allowed your modern education to erase and change so much of the human lexicon that I doubt you can even understand my rant, but I grieve for the carnage you’ve allowed and are still allowing with each passing year of legally sanctioned abortion.  You don’t have to go to a battle field or the crime scene of ruthless and reckless individuals to view unspeakable carnage wrought by guns – just visit an abortion clinic and tell me how THAT carnage, wrought by human ignorance and surgical instruments is any less horrifying? 


Civility indeed!



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