Destruction Of Republican Party

Deborah Venable



Every time I think I’ve seen it all, something happens to show me that perhaps it ain’t so.  I must wonder what it feels like to live in oblivion of what is going on in the bowels of government now.  I must wonder because for the life of me I cannot help but try to stay aware.  I know I said last week that there is nothing new in the illegal immigration debate going on this year, but that was a bit of an understatement.  It seems every time that the government decides to try and fix the illegal alien problem with legislation, the result is a proposal that makes it WORSE!!! 


Rush Limbaugh has stated that the results of passage of the current bill being haggled out in Congress would be the destruction of the Republican Party.  He’s right – that’s true.  If there is anything left of the real Republican Party at this point, they had better start working for all they are worth to stop this thing dead in its tracks before it is too late! 


The Democrats might THINK they want a one party system in this country, but that is only because they were destroyed a long time ago and taken over by something that stinks to the high heavens like communism.  I won’t even call it socialism any more because the country is being run by a handful of elites who only wish to build and retain power over the masses of government educated IGNORANT!  The bigger the mass, the more power they can wield.


This brings us to the immigration “problem.”  In the first place it is NOT an immigration problem.  It is an anti-nationalist backbone problem!  For some reason the ignorant in this country have bought into the idea that it is perfectly okay to chastise Americans about their national pride, but we should allow ANYONE who wants to sneak into our country to bring their own nationalism, culture and problems with them unhampered by any necessity to legally immigrate and ASSIMILATE into this country! 


Getting back to the newest legislation – it is totally UNNEEDED!  When you throw a new law at people who have already broken all the old laws, what in the world would ever make you believe that this one will be adhered to????  BUT as soon as it becomes law, God forbid, ALL the lawbreakers will now have LEGAL status.  So, I must assume that this is the ONLY reason that the aforementioned elites are pushing so hard to get this legislation signed.  If you still believe that the oh-so-smart politicians are trying to do something to help the average American citizen, you are woefully, permanently damaged from your education or your ever increasingly polluted social environment!  Once and for all, you must know that ANYONE voting for this legislation is haplessly ignorant or willingly communist. 


About President Bush:  which category does HE fall into?  Him, I will place into his own category.  Naturally this is one issue on which I have ALWAYS parted ways with him.  Most folks are saying that he may be hoping for an extra star for his legacy with this – that he would be remembered as the president who saved the economy and the whole North American continent in one fell swoop, while appearing to be the most compassionate ruler the world has ever known.  After all, he IS trying to save all of Africa from aides at the expense of the American taxpayer too! 


I think I understand the president.  I know he is a stubborn Texan, an unabashed Christian, a decent human being, and a leader who is running out of time to make a difference that will be positively remembered.  Unfortunately he already HAS made a positive difference that SHOULD be remembered, but it won’t be at this point – thanks to the successful smear job done on the war on terror by the liberal elites and left leaning media.  So, he has decided to appeal to that sector of the population that spreads across all party lines, philosophical, religious, and intellectual intuitions, and fiscal accomplishments.  To a base of people that the president could not possibly lump into any one category, he is saying, “You will remember me as both a humanitarian and an all knowing economic savior.” 


He is saying to the world, “Look at what Americans have done for those on the bottom of the economic scale for the sake of the American free market.”  He is hoping that we, in his ORIGINAL base, will begin to act like tongue-lashed children and show him some remorse for our selfish feelings of wanting our country zipped up at the borders and evacuated of the current crop of law-breaking aliens.  I don’t think that he has a malicious bone in his body towards anyone but the terrorists at this point, nor do I think he is stupid – but I DO think that he is being terribly naïve and dangerously inattentive to the people who put him in office and have continued to support him throughout his presidency. 


He has accused us of being ignorant of what this legislation says or means.  Mr. President:  we HAVE read it:  (all we can find of it as it passes though the amendment and arguing process), and we DO have a firm grip on the English language.  We don’t have to find fault with only one little piece of it – the WHOLE THING stinks!  All the promises to beef up security, build a fence, and secure the borders have already been made and broken with other legislation.  And another thing - stop telling us that we don’t know what amnesty means!  You won’t collect a penny from MOST of the illegals in the country now because they don’t want a road to citizenship and they surely don’t want to assimilate!  They will be PARDONED not prosecuted!  American businesses that have been willing to work them will continue to loophole them through the system and will have your humane blessing to do so. 


Here’s the bottom line:  Republicans who support this legislation will be directly responsible, along with President Bush, for jeopardizing the survival of their party, their country as we know it, and future freedom for all who have it now or not.  Democrats who support this legislation ARE doing it for those reasons or out of ignorance. 



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