The Chosen

Deborah Venable



While even Biblical scholars may not agree about the importance of recognizing the Jewish people as God’s chosen, it is none-the-less stated in the Bible in historical context.  If you believe that God has a plan, then you must also accept that His plan includes a special place in it for the Jews. 


They are a unique people for several reasons.  They are often thought of and referred to as a “race” of people, though this is easily disputed within their own religion.  While many believe that simply being born to a Jewish mother is enough to define the “race,” conversion to Judaism brings full acceptance into it.  Their heritage is far more complicated than that of simply a nationality.  This is too bad really because theirs has historically been all too often a nationality without borders.  Their national homeland, if you will, is in constant dispute because Israel, (and most especially the city of Jerusalem) represents the spring from which flowed all of “enlightened” mankind. 


For more than half a century, that homeland has been in a constant state of border disputes.  Indeed, her Arab neighbors never embraced the establishment of Israel’s independence in the eyes of the modern world – thus the conflicting borderlines being discussed in today’s news. 


In 1948, it was with the backing of President Harry Truman that Israel was born again as an independent state, which it had never been before in the modern world.  Had Roosevelt not died and it had been up to him, this would have probably not happened.  He was on record supporting the Arabs against such an action.  Truman, however, was keenly aware that it was the duty of this Christian nation, America, to support Israel.  It is, after all, in Christian teachings.    


Before that sets off the atheists among my readers, there is more.


The Jewish people, with their rich heritage in religious rights, are seen as both weak and aggressive in defending their basic right to exist.  While recent history shows that they have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to hold and even gain ground, they have also lost certain credibility in the eyes of many to last without American intervention.  Indeed, the 1967 outcome, which resulted in the undivided Jerusalem and the considerable extension of Israel’s borders, would not have been possible without the actions taken by President Nixon.


It seems that the so-called peace process in Israel is forever to be ongoing.  Israel’s Arab neighbors continue to bicker about that tiny bit of real estate, demanding ridiculous concessions that would never be honored elsewhere, when all they really want is Israel gone – forever.  What Americans should now be seeing, if they haven’t before, is that we would be next.


Let me repeat that for you non-believers – we would be next! 


One of the problems that Americans have with understanding this whole Israel issue is that the Jews themselves have been so hard to understand.  Logic gets lost when trying to explain how Zionism and anti-Semitism can exist as polar opposites in a debate that simply centers around the Jewish right to exist within borders that have been given or hard won in wars and proclamations throughout much of history.  Once the line is drawn between enemies and allies, how can there still be an argument that makes the whole thing moot anyway?


While anti-Semitism is sometimes couched in purely religious belief, (such as the Jews killed Christ statements) and the obvious radical Islamic view against the Jews, lost in that argument is the sense of superiority that both Zionists and anti-Semitics seem to place above religion itself.  Secularism is ripe within all religious attempts to explain the Israel issue in the modern world.


That’s right – whether you choose to believe it or not. 


Trying to figure out the Jewish mind that can embrace capitalism, successfully enjoy its fruits, and then use those very fruits to support the demise of freedom and capitalism by supporting liberal, progressive, socialist, communist politicians has been the worm in the apple of logic for many conservatives for a very long time.  Of course Jews are not the only ones guilty of this, but their percentage of overwhelming support for such politicians is undeniable.


Politically speaking, the defense of Israel’s right to exist is a no-brainer.  Israel is an American ally.  We share common enemies and common goals for peaceful co-existence with freedom loving people everywhere.  It isn’t enough for American politicians, especially American presidents, to lecture our allies about their own sovereignty while undermining our own, but some have to also put it in a context so illogical that it boggles the sane mind.  Obama has become a master at doublespeak, and the media a master at condoning it, especially on this issue of Israel.  His condescending “explanations” of what he meant to say does not cover up what he actually said or what he really means. 


A concise description of the televised face to face between Obama and Netanyahu is hard to find without also finding a complicit media and biased Obama understanding of the issue.  What bleeds through is a “frustrated” president constrained only by his predecessors of the last few decades, but with his own obviously opposing worldview.  The peace at any Israeli cost mantra expressed in a transparent support of what has never been and will never be - a thinly veiled nod to Arab terrorists - sours the soul of free thinking people everywhere.


This has all the earmarks of the issue of slavery in America all those years ago.  Oddly enough, too many blacks, like the Jews, have not been able to understand the importance of standing on the right side of a complicated human and political issue.  What is it about would-be slaves that veil their eyes to truth?  Anyone, and I repeat, anyone, who believes that liberal, progressive, socialist, communist philosophies lead anywhere else but into a state of slavery for those who give into such rule is a fool.  Adherents to Shariah Law, Islam dominated governments should already know they are slaves.  And yes, I am comparing them!


At this point in human history, as an American citizen, had I always been a card carrying atheist, and if I still had an ounce of ability to reason and apply logic, I would begin to question everything I had ever believed in (or not believed in) – for to do otherwise is extremely foolish in these dangerous times.  Why do I say that?  Simply because it is foolish to deny that any law derived from men could ever trump natural law – that is, in my view, irrefutable.


First, for any who would profess that American Constitutional law guarantees your rights to free speech, religion etc., you must stop deluding yourself that the men who wrote it were not Christian believers.  That is sheer ignorance on your part.  The men who wrote the Constitution were not getting their guidance from Darwinistic theorists or Mohammadist, camel water carriers!  They were not influenced by modern liberal, progressive, socialist, communist, OR Shariah intellectuals!  In order to literally birth this nation, they were guided by a Divine intellect – quite foreign to all the aforementioned. 


Can we just get a big Amen on that one?


To sum up, in order for humans to ever lay claim to any perceived rights, they must first learn the definition and source of real rights.  They must also realize that relinquishing real rights is the equivalent of accepting slavery.  Simply discounting or attempting to erase history will never wipe out reality – and in reality, Israel was Chosen, a long time ago, to be the spring of enlightenment for sentient mankind.  It is about time somebody points that out to what is passing for the leadership of America.



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