Fixing This Limited Government

Deborah Venable



If the folks who insist on analyzing political decisions of office holders and would-be office holders were up on civics literacy and had a good grasp of Americaís history, they would recognize the error of sounding off negatively about the recent Palin resignation.But, alas, most of the beneficiaries of this countryís greatest fruits, the protection of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, do not know or care what limited government actually means.


Our founders did not set about to establish anything akin to the top-down tyranny we now have in America.They did not plan that power and money would ever rule this great land, but that is what we have now.Generations of Americans have dropped the ball, and it is long past time to attempt a real fix.Here is what it would it take:


  1. Abolish the IRS, (and thus the 16th amendment).Any tax on earnings runs counter to morality and prosperity.It also runs counter to the very economic system of capitalism.Anyone who cannot see that is part of the problem.
  2. Abolish the Federal Reserve and place the responsibility of regulating our monetary system back in the hands of our elected representatives.The Federal Reserve is a private organization of extremely powerful, wealthy, and immoral elitists.They arbitrarily decide the value of Americaís monetary system.The founders specifically warned against such organizations.
  3. Abolish the 17th amendment to the Constitution.Senators, the great equalizing tool of the states, should be vetted and elected via state legislatures, not the general public.The House of Representatives is supposed to serve the people and the Senate is supposed to serve the states.If you canít understand why this is so very important, then you need to do a lot of homework on history and civics.


The catch 22 of the above three steps is that with the current crop of representatives and any who may follow under the present system of electing and paying them would be hard pressed to achieve them.The reason for this is the top-down tyranny we have let our government become.Just for a moment, though, letís assume that we could actually accomplish the three things listed above.What would our truly representative republic look like?


Politics would cease to be a career to aspire to.Political office would be more on par with the service of jury duty than that of a king and his various courts.No one could live on the financial compensations of any job in elected or appointed office, so these would, by necessity, be part-time, temporary occupations.Representatives wishing to seek offices of representation in their various local, state, and federal governments would do so because they wanted to serve and truly represent the people.Their campaigns would be funded strictly by people who believed in their message and their vision for future hope and change and not by a seemingly bottomless pit of special interest and large party organizational funding.No one could campaign while holding office.Period.


Government revenue would originate from the bottom up and never from the top down.All individual taxing and fee collection would be done at a local level, with money then making its way up to the state level.The various states would then fund the federal government to the point needed to carry out its very limited functions as enumerated in the Constitution.As it is now, states are constantly in fear of losing federal funding if they do not toe the federal line.That is precisely the problem.I reiterate, no money would ever come from the top down, so the federal government would never have the ability to hold any state hostage to the will of the others.The end of pork and the corruption it causes would have a very positive effect.The effects on schools and churches without the influence of federal dollars, (or that coveted federal tax-free status) would go a long way toward putting these institutions back in the hands of the people immediately effected by them.


We would see communities coming together to build the American Dream again.We would see capitalism working under the constraints of the free market instead of the artificially applied demands of corrupt government.We would see states competing against each other instead of against the federal coffers and individual achievement.We would see Christian charity flood the communities in most need and prosper in the hearts and souls of rich and poor alike without the artificial demands of wealth sharing legislation and government boondoggle.We would see apathy turn to determination as successes outnumbered failures.


Just take a look at the petty issues we now place at the top of our priorities.Healthcare funded and regulated by an entity greater than ourselves?Liability for natural disasters and quality of life regulated by a monstrous collective that has no proven common sense?Impossible social equality demanded by the most pompous among us while they operate with a royal status that was never meant to be?Are these the things that that will really secure our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?


As individuals we no longer have a credible voice.Our speech has been mangled, our vision blurred, and our sensory perceptions rendered just out of touch with important individual concerns.


As a writer, I am acutely aware of word count.Legislators, on the other hand, pervert all rules of written communication as they craft untranslatable, behemoth legislation that even they cannot hope to understand or explain fully.Perhaps we the people should start there.Letís insist on a reasonable word count for any proposed legislation on anything that would affect us.If you have to start somewhere, this is as good a place as any, isnít it?

The problem of fixing this limited government is not complex, but getting it done will take determination and sacrifice.We must change the direction of the money stream, for as long as it flows down, we are at the mercy of what lies at the bottom.When it once again flows up, we will be in control of what goes on at the top.When we once again demand that our government be truly representative, then it will be fixed.


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