Logic Is NOT Persuasive

Deborah Venable



Great news week, huh?  How’d y’all like that election turnout and outcome?  Anybody still have faith that the system works?  (Actually, it works quite well – it just needs to be better defined and understood in its present form.)


The time is fast approaching when the American people can no longer rest on their laurels of ignorance.  There are simply no excuses for such ignorance in the world today. 


We are at the hundred year mark and beyond for some of the most vicious and deliberate dismantling of a near perfect government system that the world had ever known.  The “union” that was “saved” by the outcome of the War Between States was rendered almost immediately vulnerable to this criminal tampering, which then allowed the disintegration and destruction that we are all living with today.  This all came about for one reason – suddenly the individual states lost their sovereignty and dignity to an overpowering federal collective.  That federal collective then proceeded to install a financial behemoth, negatively change the Constitution, and attack individual states and individual citizens with horrific representation and financial consequences. 


A hundred years later, individual citizens and states are at the mercy of a truly evil federal collective.  If and when we are able to find good people to send to Washington D.C. to represent us, they end up all too often corrupted in short order by the evil they were sent there to fight.  Our government is supposed to work from the bottom up, but it cannot as long as the top does not draw its resources and spirit from the roots – and this one definitely doesn’t. 


The people at the top are all installed in their power positions.  We the people may like to think that we elect them, but we don’t.  They are predestined, hand picked, groomed, and installed by the aforementioned financial behemoth.  Granted, some of them turn out to be better than others, but none for a very long time have been true statesmen. 


I think my father was right when he said that Harry Truman was a true statesman, (albeit not perfect) and I don’t think we have had one since.  Reagan came close, but even he was tainted with some unstatesmanlike outside pressures.  We could parse the rest of the presidents over the last hundred or so years and come up with perhaps a few more sterling qualities, but there obviously haven’t been enough to bring about the kind of change we need.  The kind of human qualities that believe in drawing spirit and resources from the roots – God and the people namely, takes a special breed of leader, and we haven’t had one lately. 


You cannot draw spirit and resources – strength if you will – from your roots if you do not have any.  When I said that we don’t really elect our leaders any more, I am specifically talking about those at the top.  Granted, the recent patriotic efforts of grass roots conservative groups have managed to influence the election or installation of some exemplary characters in Congress and some statehouses, but the money necessary to run campaigns these days eliminates many more who should be there.  It always boils down to the money after all, and roots get buried in it.


I find it absurd, embarrassing, and horribly corruptive that political campaigns raise and spend ungodly amounts of money.  People working on campaigns these days are more interested in collecting money than they are influencing votes because money IS the ultimate influence on votes.  Nowadays, unless you involve yourself in the efforts to give or collect money for campaigns, you are perceived as uninvolved in the whole process.  Does that sour on anyone else’s stomach?


So, the financial behemoth rules the country’s conscience and enslaves more and more individual spirits as it continues to diminish our freedoms.  No wonder so many people feel so out of control when it comes to electing those who would represent us in government.  Many have jumped on the bandwagon of “vote for no one – elect no one and abandon the system because it just doesn’t work any more.”  Well, they certainly have a right to that opinion, but whom does that really help?  The financial behemoth spends a lot more money trying to convince folks not to vote than it does to promote the democratic process.  That’s the whole idea – shrink the voter base and influence within it is a much easier task to undertake.  Before you dismiss this idea, consider the obvious push back against the grass roots efforts that have been successful in just the last two years. 


There are people wandering around Washington D.C. now still trying to get their bearings, who were sent there two years ago through the efforts of grass roots conservatives, and they have no idea what went wrong with their starry-eyed optimism that they could make a difference.  You can hear them whisper, if you listen closely enough, that they had no idea just what they would really encounter when they got there.  Some of them talk out loud, of course, and have brought attention to some things, and that is good, but the bottom line is that they will be swimming against the tide to stay where they are long enough to overcome the behemoth.  When they get tired enough, they will be swept up in that tide and be officially bought souls.


Money buries the roots.  It is just that simple.  Constituencies are paid off with it and political careers are built by it.  Getting the money out of the political process is absolutely necessary to rebuild the system to function for and not against freedom.  Good men do not live by bread alone, but evil ones most certainly do. 


Good people are starving for knowledge and truthful information, and many are trying to fill that need that the old media abandoned a very long time ago.  Here again is the problem of money influence.  I am a capitalist, so I am certainly not against the capitalist approach of supply and demand to reap rewards for both.  However, money can taint the truth like nothing else can, so filling the need for truthful information must bypass much of the financial reward that suppliers could glean simply to ensure against the taint.  I fear that much of the new media is more concerned with what sells than what saves.  As such, it is up to consumers of this information to be shrewd and examine each and every possible motive of the suppliers.  Careers in media are made and broken the same way political careers are – by the application of pressure from the financial behemoth. 


Honest media people and politicians will tell you not to believe the information they provide until you check it out for yourself.  They are simply there, like a good teacher really, to wake up your own conscience and brain cells to the truth you can discover on your own.  It is hard work, but the rewards will serve you much better than large financial gains, and you will probably be able to reap some of those also.


All that said, I must reiterate once again that logic is not persuasive.  Never has that been borne out to a greater degree than it was on November 6th.  This is just one dictionary definition of logic: a science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity of inference and demonstration - the science of the formal principles of reasoning.    


Experience is unquestionably the best teacher of logic, but the experience must be correctly defined to be persuasive.  In other words, the child who is told not to touch the hot stove needs to know from whence the pain comes when he does it anyway.  If he is lied to about whose fault it is that he got burned, the experience was meaningless, and the logic in the warning is not persuasive. 


This has always been a fascinating subject to me, but I fear that most folks don’t give it a second thought.  If money were not so persuasive, perhaps logic would have a better chance, and real education could once again replace indoctrination as the best solution to ignorance.       



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