Okay, So Wiki Leaked

Deborah Venable



What a mess, huh?  Wiki Leaked again and the media has fodder for hours and hours of research, analysis, condemnation, rationalization, and a general stirring of the public pot of disgust.  I don’t know about you, but I would think that any of the authors of those leaked documents would have to know that public knowledge of them was a possibility.  I mean, really?  Secrets?  In this day and age?


Can anybody really identify ANY secrets that were actually leaked?  Most of the stuff I’ve seen should be common knowledge to anyone paying attention.  As for the Obama administration showing incompetence in the handling of the leaker – well, duh.  But then, there is also the theory that it wasn’t incompetence at all, but rather intentional.  For an administration that has already shown such disdain for the American people and the founding principles – that’s not a very far stretch.  So far, the highest ranking official that comes out with the most egg on the face is Hillary Clinton.  After all, it is HER State Department that is glowing red in the light of truth, is it not?  Is that really going to damage this president?  The country, maybe – but this president????


In November, right after the 911 attacks in 2001, I wrote an article that was published in many places at the time.  You have to look now to find it on the web from so long ago, but it is still there in obscurity.  It was titled as either “(S)Top Secrets” or “Show Me the Secrets.”  As with most of the columns I have written over the years, this one could just as easily have been written yesterday or today.  Here is that article in its original form:



Human interaction is a mystical series of actions and reactions that carry all the drama of a nuclear chain reaction with much more potential destruction built in.  Power has fascinated mankind for the duration of our existence on earth.  Respected, deplored, envied, criticized, worshipped and despised, power has been allowed to enslave civilizations the world over through a universal acceptance of the necessity of secrecy.  One individual’s power over another might ultimately depend on a single secret the powerful may hold over the relenting soul who wishes to keep that secret from being found out.  Multiplied by infinitum, secrets can easily bring down the best of civilizations.  Here’s the crux of my point:  In a self-governing society, why do the governed ever relinquish their right to the simple truth?  Why did we ever think that a government such as ours could survive while we sanction the keeping of secrets by the various departments of our ruling class?


If this is something you’ve never really thought about – good.  Think about it now.  Conspiracy would be quite impossible in a world without secrets.  Evil intent does not deserve the cloak of secrecy.  Once the tree of knowledge was invaded, mankind began to bury a good portion of the fruit it harvested, and a dark forest sprang up around the original tree, which was lost in the foliage of evil intent. 


Where is the power and who has it?  Power is knowledge and only those who can work through the labyrinth of falsehood can acquire the knowledge of truth.  They wield the power over the ignorant masses that struggle through the jungle of conspiracy theories and yield to the vines of security promised through secrecy.  The “for your own good” theory has convinced our society of otherwise free spirits that secrets keep them safe.  In reality, however, those secrets are our shackles.  They always have been. 


Secrecy and privacy are two entirely different things.  This is best illustrated by the contention of those who would impose a national identification system on American citizens, saying that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.  All the while, they do their investigative work on the American public, innocent and guilty alike, through elaborate organizations predicated on the very principles of secrecy.  The fact that we might not wish to lay our private, not necessarily secret, lives out for public scrutiny makes us somehow enemies of those who would barter their freedoms for a false “feeling” of safety.  Laws must be constantly changed to allow for more and more encroachments on privacy freedoms, yet secrecy abounds within government officialdom unhampered and unquestioned.  The tree of knowledge has been all but choked out of existence through a visceral assault on privacy and an unrelenting insistence on secrecy for government and religious entities alike.


“Show me the money,” is a quote that is uttered in answer to demands of a guarantee that goods will be delivered.  “Show me the secrets” should become the battle cry for the warriors of truth who are sick and tired of evil left unchecked.  To a press that will “leave no stone unturned” to dig up the dirt on individuals who may have morally questionable private lives, but willingly turn a blind eye to the secret knowledge troves of questionable entities, I would simply say, “Show me the secrets.”   To a powerful government that uses the resources of a trusting society to weave its ever-increasing web of deceit and simultaneously deny access to, while poisoning, the tree of knowledge, I would demand, “Show me the secrets.”  To any organization, private or public, that wraps its intent in veils of secrecy, I would insist that you exist only after you “show me your secrets.”  With the bondage of intelligence in a free society thus destroyed, I will show you an America and a world where evil cannot rule over the power of truth.



That article was originally published on November 19, 2001


I have heard that the damage to American diplomacy by the recent “leaks” is intolerable, thus everyone with a brain is calling for the head of the leaker on a pole.  The previous leaks dealing with military operations is deplorable and should have given more pause than it did to the government, but we sure “moved on” from that one, didn’t we?  We will never know how many lives that one may have cost, but suffice it say that the leaker could have “blood on his hands” as has been reiterated now.


I’m not a silly stooge who believes that military maneuvers should be posted on major media outlets so we can all know what our military (or even our intelligence agencies) are doing all the time, but I do think that an intelligent media is necessary to keep the faith of the American people where it belongs.  For those of you in bewilderment about where exactly that is, that would be “in the best interests of the American people” for God’s sake.  Can I say it any plainer than that?


Be careful what you wish for if you are wishing for the government to go after the WikiLeaker above all else.  Stop the leaks at any cost.  Number one – it can never be done.  As long as there are secrets, there will be leaks of those secrets.  Number two – the cost will be too high.  Any reputable press or media outlet that tries to do the job it is supposed to do – you know, real investigative journalism – will have to think twice and back off possible “damaging” exposé pieces. 


Foreign governments that are poised, waiting for the other shoe to drop with the next leak, have only one consuming thought to their agendas – how to further diminish the effectiveness of the United States on the world’s diplomatic stage.  Already the whining about how such a superpower could expose so much in “classified” information is grating on an intelligent, freedom lover’s nerves.  Let’s get real, shall we?  The only real damage that has been done with the latest leaks is that to all the two-faced secret keepers that would portray one image of various elites in the world while holding quite another. 


Classified diplomatic back-biting is just not something I can get too upset about.  While the military private who collected all the “secrets” deserves whatever fruits come his way in the form of punishment, and the Wiki Leaker comes across as a much less than admirable specimen of human character, I am more amazed by the attitude of everyday people and pundits from all political persuasions concentrating more on the dissemination of the back-biting than that of previous military maneuvers.  Self-risked embarrassment never holds a candle to jeopardizing innocent human life in my estimation. 


As an afterthought here, I wonder if WikiLeaks can outdo what we already know about the financial atrocity of our Fed bailing out Europe et al without even telling us?  Here’s a question; do you know where your tax dollars are tonight? 


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