Another Season Of Thanksgiving

Deborah Venable



In the days leading up to the election, Obama said that the best “revenge” was to vote.  Well, I guess he and others like him are reveling in their revenge as we speak – those who voted for him at least.  I still haven’t figured out the “revenge” part of that statement.  Revenge is not the reason Americans should vote at all, but if anyone deserved revenge in that election, it would be Obama’s opponents – certainly not his supporters to whom he was speaking. 


The list of grievances against the president’s regime is lengthy, to say the least, and keeps growing on a daily basis, but revenge is not the answer to relief from those grievances.  The American way is to defy and oppose anything that threatens American tradition, heritage, and freedom.  This is a concept that is being lost on too many of those officials and elected representatives that fall into the category of the Obama regime’s opposition.  You cannot reach across the aisle or compromise with tyranny.  Until said leaders of the opposition realize that, we are in big trouble.


It has been said that the best revenge is happiness or living well – this from the cup half full crowd – and they have a very good point.  To that, I would add another component.  Live free!  That is truly the best revenge to grievances perpetrated by socialist and communist propaganda that would have us believe the founding of our country was driven and even allowed by anything less than a miraculous victory in the pursuit of freedom and happiness.  If you live free, you truly will live well and pursue happiness all the days of your life.


I cannot improve on last year’s message about The Season Of Thanksgiving, so I would simply ask you to review it again and don’t forget to count any blessing, no matter how small or seemingly obscure.  This Holy season of thanksgiving is ingrained in our culture and heritage.  Let’s do everything in our power to see that it remains intact.   



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