The Season Of Thanksgiving

Deborah Venable



Well, it’s now the day after “turkey coma Thursday” – typically known as “Black Friday,” which precedes the rest of “Thanksgiving Weekend” followed by “Cyber Monday,” a rather new notation loosely tied to Black Friday by that marvelous new invention of Internet shopping.  Here we are in the middle of the Season Of Thanksgiving.  I think that describes the politically correct, secular view of the season.


Christians have been admonished not to refer to Thanksgiving as a religious holiday after all, and the president certainly didn’t choke up his Thanksgiving message with any mention of God, so I guess that’s that, huh?  Schools have done their best to make sure that kids are not taught to think of Thanksgiving with any sort of religious connotations tied to it, never mind that the whole idea of Thanksgiving is supposed to be an expression of our gratitude to Divine Providence, but instead it is just a prelude to that other well known secular “holiday,” which will occur one month from now.  Kids get out of school, folks get off work, (if you are lucky enough to have a job or don’t work in retail) and between now and then we just shop till we drop and eat ourselves silly.


Yup, t’is the season!


Barack Obama may say we should all be thankful for our military personnel, but it doesn’t ring true while he is doing everything in his power to diminish their efforts and demoralize their traditions.  I can’t peruse the news without seeing stories that are appalling to say the least and blasphemous in truth – from removing crosses from hero’s burial sites and foreign battleground churches to undermining the role of military chaplains.  Really?  Atheist chaplains?  Are you kidding me?


But I digress.


To all you young’uns who have been raised in a more and more godless society, and all you bitter, old, atheistic socialists, let me set the record straight.  Thanksgiving IS a religious holiday and so is Christmas!  The Season of Thanksgiving extends all the way through those two “days off,” and back when families were more valued than they are now, freedom was more alive than it is now, and the majority of American citizens were not content to just roll over, everybody pretty much knew the reason for the season!


When God is no longer welcome in a society that was built by a firm reliance and belief in Him, yet open to all other beliefs, it is sad.  It has become a dangerous society.  There can be no individual justice found where God’s influence is banished.  Take a look at the school system, the courts, and all the various offices of government where God is no longer welcome or honored.  What do you see?  Do you see more or less satisfaction with these systems espoused among the general public?  Is America a safer place now than it was just a half century ago?  Can you not truthfully answer these questions?


If you are not opposed to praying for things you want, you should always remember to pray in gratitude for all you have.  If you think that God is a fairy tale and religion is a crutch for the weak, you should remember why you are able to hold those beliefs without fear of being locked away or worse, then be grateful and shout your thanks to anyone who will listen.  If you do not like it here in America, you should remember that you are not forced to stay here – you may leave at any time, for our borders do not shut you in – but if your answer is to change America to accommodate your own desires, know that one day you may not have that option to leave.  If you think that too many have so much more than you, and that makes life unfair, you have no concept of life in reality.  If you measure your own worth only by the success or failure of others, you are not pursuing happiness, nor will you ever find it. 


In this Season Of Thanksgiving, may we all be thankful instead of bitter, satisfied instead of greedy, and certain instead of confused about all the bounty this life in America offers each and every individual.  The more it is willingly shared, the more there will always be – but if it is squandered through coercion or misdirection, or ignored by selfishness and ingratitude, we can never reclaim it.     



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