Increments Of Tyranny

Deborah Venable



I wish I could say that last week’s most infamous Supreme Court decisions surprised me, but I really can’t.  That is precisely why I haven’t commented and pontificated on the possible outcomes before the decisions came down.  So many SCOTUS decisions in the past have illustrated a compromising of Constitutional principles for political policy that I wonder why anyone would be surprised at this point.  We either have sanctified Constitutional principles in this country with our representatives sworn to uphold them, or we have corrupt government in every branch without any respect for the Constitution.  I have known for a long time that we most certainly have more of the latter.


I have been living with increments of tyranny for decades now, and it only gets worse.  How can I expect anything but tyranny from a government that legalizes the slaughter of millions of innocent human babies, criminalizes prayer in public institutions, prosecutes parents who try to discipline their children, legalizes blatant behavior modification with taxes, regulation, and unfounded science (on a plethora of behaviors I might add) and snatches personal property from more and more people under ridiculous auspices?


The Arizona decision at the beginning of last week was shocking enough because many in the conservative camp, (including Arizona’s own governor) thought at first glance SCOTUS had handed them a victory of sorts.  It didn’t take long for that so-called victory to shape shift into total horror, especially after the administration announced that the federal government would no longer cooperate with the state’s attempt to protect Arizona citizens.  That isn’t overstating the issue at all, and the truth hurts. 


Arizona is a state I am intimately connected to, even though I no longer reside there.  I lived there for 16 years.  Three of my children were born there, my father, my brother, my uncle, my sister-in-law, and my brother-in-law died there.  I owned property there, built businesses there, worked in industry and professional services there, went to college there, made lifelong friends there, and traveled all over that beautiful and quite unique state.  To see it turned into the wide-open entryway for invasion that it has become, and then to see the current crop of federal lawmakers shun the rights of Arizona citizens to protect themselves breaks my heart.  I call it what it is – treasonous! 


Then came the decision on Obamacare.  No one for a moment thought that the obviously liberal justices would find that atrocious piece of garbage unconstitutional, although it is very obviously unconstitutional to anyone who has read the entire thing.  Increments of tyranny are scattered throughout, and absolute power to control the lives of American citizens is firmly encapsulated in the legalese of that document.  That isn’t overstating the issue at all, and the truth hurts.


There is nothing good about it, there is nothing benevolent about it, there is no redeeming provision in it, and it will destroy this country.  The actions of those who passed it in congress, signed it into law, and now let it stand in the highest court were treasonous.  Let’s call it what it is.  All three branches of government, folks, were involved in treason against the American people. 


Those in that all-important fourth estate, who have been and still are actively involved in trying to sell it to the American people, are also treasonous.  I’m tired of being nice and painting it with pretty words.  Let’s call it what it is – treason!


Now, you can all run out to your dictionaries and look up the definition of treason and treasonous behavior if you think I have in the least overstated and overstepped here.  That’s fine.  You do that.  We are a Constitutional Republic and the actions of every branch of our representative government have resulted in treason against the Constitution and “we the people” who are supposed to be in charge of it.  Although this certainly isn’t the first time, these events are fresh in the minds of the public now.  The other times, added to this past week, are increments of tyranny and we the people better start fully recognizing that fact.


If we don’t see a landslide, and I do mean landslide in the election this November to replace the executive branch and a large part of the existing Congress, this country will never recover – not in my lifetime anyway. 


I take all this stuff pretty personally, and I make no apologies for that.  I have been a big investor in this country for a lifetime now, and it pains me to know that I am continually financing my deteriorating liberty!  When the government decided that I didn’t have enough sense to decide what or how I was to drive (check out my last article), how I should raise my children (check out all my professional parenting articles), and how they could penalize and ostracize me for enjoying legal tobacco products (go look all that up yourselves), that was all bad enough – but now they wish to control how I choose to take care of my personal health now and in the future and penalize me (tax, sorry Justice Roberts) that is a bridge too far! 


I will be damned if I allow myself to be hounded by Obama’s IRS agents because I refuse to buy into socialized medicine!  If I need medical care, I can find and pay for it like I have always done!  I haven’t needed a doctor in almost 15 years, I have never overused the healthcare system with a bunch of “preventative care” garbage, and I know how to find what I need when I need it IF I need it.  I will not be forced into some insurance mandate (tax, sorry Justice Roberts) that will turn into single payer, government provided healthcare in short order!  I don’t even plan to use Medicare, for it too is a joke, and I have seen first hand the results of and the limitations of that sorry government system!


Don’t get me started – I blame Medicare for the death of my father!  I blame Medicare for the mistreatment of my mother and my best friend.  Why the hell would I ever entrust my own health to a government regulated insurance program?  I am an individual and I will insist to my dying day on my individual right to make my own decisions.  The IRS has already dragged me through the coals since the death of my husband and is continuing to do it to this day almost seven years later, so what have I got to lose by defying it now? 




But you all are free to do whatever you wish – well, for the time being anyway.


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The implementation of socialism or communism in a country that boasts a Constitution supporting individual rights and LIMITED government IS treasonous.  Why isn’t anyone else saying this?  The result of instituting a government based upon socialist and communist theories and practices will result in total tyranny – just like it always has. 


The truth hurts.  Idiot citizens of this country parading around singing the praises of flawed government are without any sense of what they will be giving up when America finally gathers all the increments and becomes a total tyranny. 


Yes, we are down to it – landslide or death, and then ever watchful of the character and actions of the replacements!



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