Click It Or Ticket

Deborah Venable



A fact of growing old is that if you do grow old, the world you die in will be a far removed place from the one you were born into.  I guess that has always been true, but just how different those two worlds are can be defined in many ways.  Better or worse, safer or more dangerous, more or less prosperous, more or less personal liberty, happier or sadder – these are a few possibilities.  That said, when you do get to the new/old world at the end, you either wake up and look around in confusion or you are sad to note that what you once suspected would happen has actually happened and most of the world was brainwashed into accepting it.


Since I was a fully functioning adult long before certain “safety” measures were codified into unconstitutional reality, I did not suddenly wake up in confusion.  One of my earliest pet peeves at the beginnings of my writing about the world around me was the seatbelt mandate.  It simply made no sense to me at the time it was being rammed down our throats, and all these years later it has become a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance in the crown of a so-called “safer” society.  It is also one of the clearest examples of societal brainwashing that can ever be cited.


If you want to be branded as “stupid” just refuse to wear an automobile safety belt and shoulder harness.  That’s all it takes.  You are the one that is automatically wrong and dumb and dangerous to other “buckled up” drivers and occupants of every vehicle. 


As you might guess, most states in the union have kicked off their aptly named “Click It Or Ticket” campaigns to coincide with Memorial Day and summer driving.  Law enforcement officers everywhere now have free license to profile every single occupant in every single vehicle to look for all the “stupid” people out there driving around.  Wait a minute!  Profile?  Well, what else would you call it?  Not only can you be profiled, you can be rounded up in a roadblock for no other reason than not wearing a seatbelt.  Society now accepts that you are stupid and dangerous if you don’t – hence click it or ticket, Bub!


This hasn’t been an easy sell on a freedom loving American public, but it is now a closed deal.  Very few voices of sanity remain who are willing to go on record disagreeing with more and more stringent enforcement of seatbelt laws.  For a quick look back at how the whole thing got started, this piece explains it pretty well.  There are a few other links I can put at the end of this article, but this type of negative seatbelt information is sparse to say the least.  While accepted “knowledge” is that seatbelts save so many more lives than they claim is the most popular theme, and that the “one in a million” examples of seatbelts as a dangerous culprit is totally discounted as ignorant, I have always found that imbalance quite suspect.  I am only one person and I certainly do not know one million people, much less the multimillions I would have to know to dismiss my own anecdotal experience on that subject.  I won’t bore you with the several true stories I could tell to prove this because that really isn’t the point of this article.


Traffic accidents claim far too many lives to be sure, and have devastated many a family with critically injured people who survive.  I am all for allowing anyone who feels safer to make the choice to click on that seatbelt – it may or may not save your life someday.  But as in the case of so many other choices in a free society, your choice should NOT be a mandate for me to do the same.  It could COST me my life, and that is a fact that is ignored. 


If government and society were really interested in saving lives from negative results of traffic accidents, they would have never interfered as much with the design of automobiles in the first place.  So much interference has nearly gutted the automobile industry while at the same time making automobiles into literal death traps.  This is stated here as opinion based on over a half century of driving both the old and new designs.  If you wish to check it out statistically, though, be my guest.  Government is not interested in personal safety.  It IS interested in collective power – pure and simple.  Society has been very effectively brainwashed not to recognize reality in either.


It is not the same world I was born into.  I had much more freedom and control and access to personal choices than I do now.  This is but one reason why such national propaganda policies as, “Click It Or Ticket” cause an inner rage in me from which there is literally no escape.  I still won’t wear a seatbelt, but the fact that I have to break a law to maintain that choice, pay hundreds of dollars in fines, and listen to wet behind the ears type “officers” of the law lecture me on how stupid and irresponsible I am is truly infuriating and definitely wrong!  Common sense as well as common decency tells me that “the law” has no business mandating a choice that could actually cause my death or injury, and an intelligent society should know that.


I am sure that I don’t have to list the myriad of other “protection” laws that have been enacted and brainwashed into society as accepted and supported by “intelligent fact” just since the enactment of the seatbelt law, but I have always wondered how long it would take to get around to something that a great majority of people cared enough about to wake up to the brainwashing.  If it hasn’t happened to you personally yet, just wait awhile and you may begin to understand my outrage. 


If you are so convinced I am wrong, I dare you to do more research starting from this handy multi link page.



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