Three Icons In One Week

Deborah Venable




Ed McMahon††††††††††††††† Farrah Fawcett††††††††††††††††† Michael Jackson



As entertainers go, none of the three were at the top of my favorites list, but each staked a claim on hearts the world over.They left people behind who will miss them dearly, and that is worth a positive comment.


Ed and Farrah, you fought courageous battles against the evil malady of cancer, and Michael, the physical and emotional demons that haunted you did not diminish the respect for your talent.††


These are the images that I will remember Ė not the others plastered all over the media of their broken lives ravaged by age and/or illness.


Ed, you and Johnny have a good time again remembering your best days with more to come.


Farrah, try out those real wings and exercise your beautiful spirit free from the adversities of mortal life.


Michael, sing with the angels and cast off the last of your demons as I hope you receive the comfort of a pain-free eternity.


Isnít this the best we can wish for them?



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