Birthing An Abomination

Deborah Venable



It becomes increasingly difficult to write my parenting articles unless I do so with a positive attitude instead of simply observing the negative downslide America has taken on the subject of parenting.  Sometimes I simply cannot find that positive attitude in what makes up the news these days.  Let’s face it – conservative parenting hasn’t been winning a lot of battles for a very long time. 


With the abortion of the best healthcare system in the world, the progressive “parents,” who produced the legislation, allowed the birth of an abomination to take its place.  Hungry wails in the night and toxic messes to clean up await those smug and cheering parents and the “village” that will be placed in charge of raising the little tyke.  As a conservative, perhaps I must accept this certain knowledge as that ray of positive sunshine I need to expound on this subject.


It is more than a little ironic that the abortion issue was trotted out and put on display during the time that what passed for debate in the form of “labor pains” took place over the abomination legislation.  “Expectant parents” in the Democrat Party even had some believing that the legislation instead of the healthcare system would be aborted if strong anti-abortion language were not contained in it.  Wait a minute!  There’s a double negative in there somewhere!  The anti-abortionists ended up being the abortionists anyway.  (Never mind they had already telegraphed their intentions.)


So, we got an executive order to supposedly protect taxpayers from funding abortions, (the other kind) and I’ll bet anything that Obama got blisters on his fingers when he signed it!  Folks, come on now, you can’t really believe that taxpayers haven’t been funding abortions all along, can you?  (Yes, I know all about the Hyde Amendment, but do YOU know about federal funding of folks like Planned Parenthood?) 


So, the abomination was born, the last vestiges of free market healthcare were aborted, and the village is now in charge of the whole mess, with the godparents (IRS) waiting in the wings to be the enforcers, err, disciplinarians.  What can we expect now?


As this thing grows, (and it will grow very fast) its appetite will be insatiable.  It won’t be long until it grows a full set of teeth and it will start biting all the hands that try to feed it.  As for discipline, well, don’t expect time outs and grounding to work very well.  In no time at all, the razor strap will have to be employed. 


That’s where we come in.  We’ve got a choice – we can either be on the wielding end of that strap or we will most definitely be on the receiving end of the sting.  That “little tyke” will be a vicious, soulless entity that needs locking up or killing before it can do all the damage it intends.  Or we could just refuse to feed it and let it die on its own.


Being a law-abiding citizen is going to be harder and harder as time goes on when the laws we are expected to abide by are the likes of this abomination. 


Mr. President Dictator has hit the road again to campaign for acceptance of his abomination.  He is rude, crude, and socially unacceptable in his quest for acceptance.  But you know why he’s doing it. 


Because he knows that his agenda is totally un-American and unacceptable to law-abiding citizens. 


Because he doesn’t understand America or Americans. 


Because he thinks he can do anything that floats his boat, and nothing can be done about it.


Because he thinks he can haul out his secret weapon and yell “racism” in the face of any opposition.


And finally, because he truly thinks we are all stupid.


I feel sorry for those that ARE stupid, but they all reside on your side of the aisle, Mr. President Dictator.  You thought if you left the little abortion in the trash bin, it would eventually die.  You know, that free market spirit that you aborted with the birth of your abomination – it wasn’t quite dead yet.  Look around you, sir.  Do you see the masses lying down and bowing before you?  No.  You are chiding them in your every speech.  You are mocking their spirit in your every action.  You are waving a red flag in front of a very angry bull.


So, the thing that this over bloated government needs most now is a lock on the purse strings of the country.  Ironically enough, however, Mr. President Dictator and his minions have managed to destroy much of the wealth producing ability of law-abiding citizens to continue feeding their voracious appetites.  In case you haven’t noticed, there are a whole bunch of people out of work and demanding their crumbs from government coffers just to get by.  The only growing sector of our economy is GOVERNMENT and it isn’t producing ANYTHING but misery.  The only folks that know how to SPEND misery are communists.  (Oh, the hate speech I’m using, huh?)


Anybody notice the price of gasoline lately?


Sorry, it’s easy to get sidetracked. 


So, let’s think of the government as one, big eeeeeeevil insurance company, shall we?  (Oh, its profits are much higher than any of the other (private sector) insurance companies that our dictators are always talking about, so in that respect, it isn’t really a fair comparison - but, oh well!)  Now, if I’ve understood Mr. President Dictator and Madam Big Gavel et al, they’ve told us that if we are happy with our insurance, we can keep it.  Right?  So I suppose that means that if we are UNHAPPY with it, we can dump it?   


That’s what the next elections are all about.


Meanwhile, we have the abomination to deal with.  Oh, by the way, that noise you keep hearing is our little abortion getting stronger as he comes back to life.  The trick is to make sure that the abortionists and the parents that ordered him aborted are never allowed anywhere near him again!  We have to introduce him to new parents who will teach him faith and charity, give him strength and hope, and nurture him with genuine human kindness and love as we defend him with moral character and our very lives and fortunes if necessary.


The abomination we can starve, as we do everything in our power to withhold every penny we can from the government gleaners.  Elect people that will demand REAL tax reform in this country as they remove the shackles on our liberty and take away forever the ability of government to raise and educate our children and squander their true heritage on a lie we never should have accepted in the first place – that government is the positive answer to anything!


Be prepared for the continued attempt to abort our American spirit and give birth to further abominations.  They are lined up in the delivery room as we speak. 



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