Behind Closed Doors

Deborah Venable



As our nutcase lawmakers, (what a joke) labor behind closed doors to hash out what they plan to dish out to the American public via the so-called “healthcare reform legislation” it should be evident to anyone with at least a pea-sized brain that these folks do not work for us!  But the sad truth is that it probably isn’t – evident I mean. 


Meanwhile, we are cajoling ourselves into a sense of satisfaction that they will get what’s coming to them in the November election.  No they won’t! 


What they deserve is the same obscurity that they would shove down our throats when it comes to battling for individual rights.  You’re going to try and tell me that if Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid were to suddenly need an ingrown toenail removed, they might have to wait in line for the procedure without the mainstream media going bonkers over the injustice of it all?   Moreover, you’re going to try and tell me that the medical insurance that would pay for a more serious, (even life-saving) treatment of said legislators would do so because they have faithfully paid for said coverage with their own hard-earned dollars? 


Folks, wizen up here.  They haven’t done any labor, produced any goods or services, or earned any financial rewards for efforts in so long they probably wouldn’t know how to.  If they make any premium payments for health insurance, they do so with the ill-gotten gains known as American taxpayer dollars.  Like any other government worker, they owe their entire financial support to YOU – the taxpayer – for which you get absolutely NOTHING in return but their continued incompetent legislative bullying.


I don’t care right now that I may be lumping a few good apples in the same barrel with all the bad ones.  That is beside the point because obviously the good ones are not winning.  Many of the previously “good” ones have already been corrupted in that big bad barrel known as Washington politics.


And let’s not stop there.  Far too many of the electorate have been corrupted with the knowledge that they can vote themselves largesse from government coffers, and thus end up on the government dole known as “cradle to grave” non-existent “rights” to anything they want or need.  All they need do is keep the aforementioned legislative power mongers in power over the rest of us.


This portion of the electorate doesn’t recognize freedom - how you get it or keep it - nor do they accept evil as the common denominator in humanity that it really is.  They worship power and they excoriate industrious individual productivity.  So it is far from a “given” that the November election will have an adverse effect on the power mongers.


Behind closed doors, our fate will be determined.  Secrecy rules as government drools at the thought of capturing even more power and ever more worshipping masses to mock those of us who know that if those doors were opened we would surely discover that the tyrants have no clothes!


They admire themselves as well-dressed, benevolent, hard-working dignitaries because that is what they see reflected in the eyes of an ignorant electorate.  In reality, though, they are naked socialist, communist propagandists – far removed from their historical benefactors. 


Unless the November election becomes a battering ram on those closed doors, we can expect only business as usual from the corrupt offices of legislature. 


I admire any efforts that are directed at educating the ignorant electorate before it is too late.  I hoped for it in 2008.  We see what “too late” now means in that one.  What will we see this time next year? 


Some in Congress have called for very admirable sounding legislation, (several even referred to as the 28th Amendment) such as term limits, (finally) making congress actually read bills before they vote on them, (what a concept) and forcing congressional representatives into the same kind of healthcare that normal citizens will be saddled with, (good luck on that one!)  While I mention such efforts now and then and even applaud them, I am not naïve enough to think that they think any of this common sense legislation will get passed anytime soon.  Some of them may indeed honestly and earnestly pursue such efforts for us, but not to the extent that they so infuriate the bad apples, if you know what I mean.  They still see their main job as winning the next election until they decide that they are tired of the rat race, (pun intended) or their party decides that they are an unacceptable burden on the party agenda. 


Education of the electorate that I mentioned before must include getting people to look beneath the surface of the political façade of anyone before awarding their vote.  That’s very hard work when you consider that we are dealing with people who spend so much of their time behind closed doors. 


It takes an almost child-like honesty to be willing to say publicly that, “the emperor has no clothes!” 



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