It Is A Lie!

Deborah Venable



The number one issue under consideration in American politics today is the shape of our economy.  That is what we are being told, is it not?  That is what will drive folks to the polls tomorrow, who might otherwise have stayed home, isn’t that right?  Americans care more about their wallets than their souls in today’s America, and both parties have helped themselves to personal wallets for long enough, so Americans are almost out of control angry – right?


Do I look that gullible?


If I and most other clear thinking Americans were going to get so angry about the hits to our wallets that we would be willing to turn Washington D.C. and every state house upside down, it would have happened a long time ago, folks.  So, clearly, it is all a lie!


The damage to our economy, brought about by government policy, has been an ongoing problem for decades now.  It is the effect of that damage on our personal liberties that have finally begun to come out of the fog.  That is where the anger truly resides. 


If the media knows this, they aren’t telling you.  They, who are supposed to be the champions of watchfulness on an overbearing government, have become conspirators against the freedom of individual Americans.  They willingly bow down to the almighty god of government and accept untold riches from the power seekers that spend untold billions of dollars to achieve and hold onto power. 


You think I jest?


Political campaigns cost far too much money.


I find it very hard to believe that the story told by the elites, through the media, is anything but a bald faced lie.  The economy isn’t suffering nearly as badly as we are being lead to believe.  Not really.  In a bad economy, food is scarce.  Food isn’t scarce now, it is just getting more expensive.  In a bad economy, people would not easily let go of hard-earned dollars to contribute to political campaigns.  People are doing that in record numbers and amounts now.  In a bad economy, people would be compelled to hold onto every dollar they could, stockpile every ounce of food they could find, give up luxuries and work harder than ever before to insure against “hard times” in days to come.  In reality, more people than ever before are choosing NOT to work – at all – and accept … no DEMAND that government be their sustenance. 


I look around me now and I don’t see a bad economy.  I see two angry mobs of people.


One mob rallies around the message of “where’s my entitlement?”  The other mob rallies around the cry of “where did my freedoms go?”  Smart politicians from both groups are feeding the frenzy with their last minute ad campaigns - paid for with our “bad economy” I might add. 


It will be interesting.


Meanwhile, our enemies contemplate how they can best get to us while our attentions are drawn to the oh-so-important elections.  Our president has planned his getaway after the elections, (at great taxpayer expensive of course) and the present Congress is planning to deliver its comeuppance on the electorate while they still hold power.


It will be interesting.


It has been said that more people are awake now than ever before.    


Awake is good – being able to distinguish a lie is even better.  Vote tomorrow like your very life depends on the outcome.  It does!  Vote tomorrow like America’s very future depends on it.  It does!  Vote tomorrow, and then hold your choices’ feet to the fire.  Tell them that you know you’ve been lied to, and insist that they tell the truth.  They don’t need to sign onto a new contract with America – they already have one from the moment they are sworn in.  They must uphold the Constitution and defend it from enemies – foreign and domestic – or their souls will not be worth anything that their wallets can hold.


They can all work to make sure that the next election is a referendum on simple truth and nothing more.


Crippling taxation must be stopped, governing against the people must be stopped, and the remnants of corruption must be rooted out of our republic.


It will be interesting.


The American economy will rebound – and God help the liars that would keep that from happening.



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