Freedom Of Speech?

Deborah Venable



No, we don’t really have freedom of speech, do we?  Of course not if you can’t even yell, “Fire!” in a crowded theatre!  I mean, holy cow, whoever came up with that??  So, what the hell are you supposed to yell if you are in a theatre and see one?  Anybody ever asked THAT question?  Are you just supposed to ignore it and hope it will go away, blow itself out, change into something else?  (It is in a theatre after all, so why not?)  You can see all kinds of make-believe stuff in a theatre.  Convince yourself that the fire is not real, not dangerous, and you can’t do anything about it anyway because nobody wants to be warned!  Anyway, you are gagged, Buddy, because you cannot legally yell “Fire!” in that theatre!  You would be breaking an infringement on your First Amendment right.


And that’s how it always starts.  Accepting infringements on rights is something that Americans have been doing since the rights were codified in so-called law.  We always do it for one of two stupid reasons: the promise of security or justice.  (Isn’t it nice to know that you cannot be legally trampled to death by a panicked bunch of folks trying to get out of a burning theatre because some idiot yelled, “Fire!” - ?)  Isn’t it comforting to know that a surviving family member, (who actually made it out of the fire) of a poor schlub trampled to death can now turn around and sue the surviving family of the guy who DID yell, “Fire!” (Because let’s face it, that guy probably was the first to die!) – oh and of course the theatre owners too.  Yeah, we gotta have all that justice and imagined security, so, of course we can’t have freedom of speech!


Okay, by now you are probably saying, that you CAN yell, “Fire!” if there really is one – just not if there really isn’t.  But, what if you THINK there really is a fire, and there really isn’t?  How do you justify that?  That is where the “thought police” come in to play.  It doesn’t matter what is on your mind as long as it doesn’t come out of your mouth – but wait a minute – intent is everything with the “thought police.” 


Let me explain.  How many more ridiculous cases do we have to hear about involving elementary school children being suspended, expelled, arrested or just shamed in front of all their classmates for drawing pictures of guns, pointing their fingers like a gun, or (horrors) actually daring to bring a harmless bubble gun or water pistol to school before we get it through our heads that “thought police” do NOT care how well adjusted your kids are if they do any of the aforementioned things?  Thought police are criminally ignorant of the Constitution and have very little natural intelligence about common sense.  Thought police are simply the enforcement arm of an overbearing, ruling class, government goon squad!


Let’s really make everyone uncomfortable now, shall we?  Since when did the word, Negro, and the various knockoff pronunciations of it become taboo language – but only for white folks?  Now we have to refer to it as, “the N word.”  The N word?  Are you kidding me???  You are telling me that black folks are so super sensitive they are actually offended at being referred to by a word that simply signifies their race?  Many of them use a deliberately derogatory version of the word to refer to each other all the time – and they get paid tons of money to do it!  They certainly aren’t demeaned for it, but let a white person do it and it makes national headlines??  Then the white person must back pedal, apologize all over herself, and talk about how reprehensible her actions were for saying it!  (I’ll refer you to your search engines at this point to see the latest example of this.)    


Okay, so let me get this straight – “African-American” is much more preferred terminology and more respecting, even though most of these folks and their immediate ancestors have never seen the continent of Africa?  Oh, and there are many, many white folks living here that more accurately deserve that nomenclature – if they don’t mind being seen as hyphenated Americans.  Wow!  The melting pot surely didn’t work on ALL of these folks if you ask me! 


As our ruling class politicians are doing their dead level best to grant precious (yes, I still think it is just that) American citizenship to “illegal aliens,” they are also telling the rest of us not to use THAT term now!  Hell, if they didn’t want to be called what they are, they would NOT have performed the act (by coming here ILLEGALLY) that makes that nomenclature very definitely ACCURATE!  Once again, don’t expect the melting pot to work on them either.


The ruling class already admonished us not to call “terrorists” by their name some time ago – especially “Muslim terrorists.”  White Christian gun owners can, of course, be referred to as terrorists, but that is another story. 


Just this week I learned that “pro life” folks should now be referred to as “birth enforcers.”  Wow!  Okay, I can dig it!  After all, according to our esteemed ex Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, abortion is “sacred ground” that she should never be questioned on.  Good ruling class attitude, Nancy – thanks! 


Sorry, folks, I am just not going to litter up this article with a whole bunch of links to all these things, but believe me, I haven’t made any of it up.  The links are out there if you do a little research. 


May as well not forget to mention the OTHER group of folks that walk around with a big old “offended” chip on their shoulders all the time.  Homosexuals.  I guess it’s okay to call them “gay” but that is about it.  Now this is what’s funny about that – when I was a kid I knew a girl named, Gay.  Actually I have run into more than one girl with that name.  I wonder if their mothers would have named them that if they had known where our language would end up.  As you may (or may not) know, gay is originally a word meaning happy.  Okay, I’ll go there – how in the world did we ever devolve the English language in such a way that we now describe an abnormal sexual preference in a term meaning happy???  It just doesn’t end, does it?


Barack Obama is simply a figurehead dictator puppet being controlled by the ruling class.  (He does need his wings clipped so he can stay off the foreign stage, but that’s another story.)  By no means is he the only puppet we have ever had in the White House, but he IS the most embarrassing one.  All current politicians occupying OUR legislative, judicial, and executive halls of government would do well to distance themselves from him and all of his ridiculous policies.


In case anyone hasn’t paid close attention, let me spell it out for you.  This article (rant) contains most of the key terms that the ruling class is currently searching for through everyone’s private and public communications, so that we may be put on various watch lists for future infractions against the ruling class.  (Didn’t mention the IRS yet, but I’ve been on their list for quite some time so this was a useless mention.) 


Ruling class, listen up – I am now officially yelling “Fire!” in this theatre called, the last best hope for mankind, the United States of America.  I am sick of your dictates.  I am sick of your perceived power.  I am not the only one.  God is sick of it too!  I will stand up for my rights in His name. 


Guess I lost all the atheists with that last remark, but oh well.  That’s okay.  Some of you guys are okay to live with because you have some common human decency, even though you have no clue where it comes from.  Let me clue you in though, did you know that there are folks out there trying to start a “church” in your name?  No, really!  I wouldn’t kid you. 


No more false apologies for offending anyone or we can kiss freedom of speech good-bye forever. 


If I have left any deserving group or individual out of this little diatribe, it was certainly unintentional, and as we’ve already learned, intent is everything.    



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