Under God

Deborah Venable



The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals Rules “Under God” is unconstitutional.


Since when do the “powers that be” give a damn about the Constitution Of The United States Of America? 




Only when it suits their “higher purpose” –


Socialists have been in a frenzy trying to figure out how to strip God and Country out of America’s classrooms.  You see, socialism and communism cannot survive or even co-exist with patriotism and God in the mind and heart of a country’s society. 


Have they won? 


Government conceived in the mind of socialism cannot guarantee ANYONE ANY RIGHTS, folks.  The Founders of America knew this well and set about to frame the Constitution with God as the Benefactor of our rights.


So, now we have a simple question to answer – Who trumps?


In my mind, the answer is quite simple.  This is the line in the sand, is it not?



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