Cover Up

Deborah Venable



The biggest cover up in American history is going on right out in the open under everyone’s nose.  When did everyone decide that it is perfectly normal and even okay to cover up ignorance?  From the news media to the government schools, it is hard to know just how deep the disease of ignorance has bored into our society, but it is there none-the-less, and it is eating away at common sense and decency. 


Of course everyone is not infected because some are naturally immune to the ignorance of which I speak.  If you received and retained a good dose of common sense and decency training sometime in your life, then the ignorance won’t get you – but you will certainly suffer from ridicule directed at you from the ignorant.  You may ask yourself each and every day, “How do I stay sane in an insane world?”  That has become the choice – either ignorance or a strain on sanity.


As a member in good standing of the “senior citizen class”, raised with common sense and decency, allow me to bypass the tedious explanation it would take to translate a message to those who do not share my immunity, and speak directly to those who do.     You are not alone. 


To say that America has never faced the kind of character assassination that is now underway in the rest of the world would be a stretch that I am unwilling to make.  We have always had enemies in the world – people who hate us – just as we have always had homegrown enemies of our basic philosophies.  I will say, though, that we have never had the amount of ignorance and the ongoing attempt to cover up that ignorance that is present today.  If I can just add another adjective to that, let me say that both the ignorance and the cover up are criminal.  Therefore the character of those involved, especially in the cover up, deserves assassination.


Too many people raised in this country believe that morality thrives in political correctness, when exactly the opposite is true.  Too many people raised in this country believe that this country was founded as a democracy, and that the best thing for the rest of the world is to export that same democracy to any country toiling under a dictatorship.  (Just watch the news if you don’t believe this one – as the media fawns over recent events in Egypt.)  Too many people raised in this country believe that America’s strength can best be displayed in the philosophy (more of a religion) of multiculturalism.  Too many people raised in this country were taught to fear individualism and seek out collectivism as the answer to all their problems.  Finally, too many people raised in this country can’t accurately define the meaning of anything in this paragraph.


Those of us, who have the aforementioned immunity, are duty bound, therefore, to keep our minds and bodies as healthy as we can for as long as we can until common sense and decency can be interwoven into the fabric of our once free society and the disease of ignorance and the shameful cover up it has spawned are duly recognized and eradicated.    


I am tired of the insanity that spews out the various media outlets that wouldn’t pass the smell test for truth under the most loosely defined guidelines.  I’m tired of politicians that measure everything they say by available polling data instead of an intellect that should be able to, at the very least, alert them to lies passing their lips.  I’m tired of history being written on an ill wind blowing away from an abundance of truth to the contrary. 


Let me just say that there are those on both sides of the aisle who would be at a total loss were it up to them to build America back in its former image, for they never learned about or especially identified with that image.  While they are perfectly willing to live “high on the hog” they evidently have no concept of what it took to secure that place at the table, and they willingly commit to throwing away that opportunity for everyone else.  That – my dear readers – is the epitome of ignorance, as well as a total lack of common sense and decency. 


As I have said before, the Democrat Party, including all those self-described Liberal Independents, (there, I even capitalized for them) are a total lost cause.  The Republican Party and many of the Libertarian and self described Conservative Independents, (see how fair and balanced I am) are floundering under false illusions of their own philosophies, which is a very dangerous thing right now.  One only has to look at the recent CPAC conference to recognize the truth in this statement.  Libertarians are trying to convince more and more Republicans that they are really not Republicans because they hold too many Libertarian views.  Conservatives are participating in back biting quarrels about fiscal vs. social issues ruling the umbrella under which Conservatives should gather.  This only succeeds in feeding the ignorance and the cover up. 


We “old timers” who have been voting for the better part of the last half century or longer may have rocked from side to side or stood rock solid on one side or the other, but we did so knowing, at least, what we believed.  Nowadays, folks can vote that have no idea what they believe, or they sit it out thinking nothing matters anyway!  And they hail this as Democracy?  No, in the words of my good friend, Mr. Veritas, this is Idiocracy!


This is perhaps the most dangerous political environment we have ever lived through.  Whether or not we even make it to the next “poll call” in 2012 is questionable at best.  If we do, I can almost guarantee that the economy and the culture will still be in shambles.  People will be a lot hungrier for “change” than they were in 2008.  We will have more foreign enemies than ever before in our history.  Our defenses will have been compromised to such an extent that our vulnerability will be sticking out like a sore thumb.  Our internal cancer will have grown, and the media will be in overdrive to cover all these things up. 


Am I being overly pessimistic?


You tell me!


Please revisit Separating Church and State, written back in 2008 during the last presidential election cycle.  It contains a speech that everyone needs to read and think about.  Where have the Zell Millers from all the political labels gone?    



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