ISG Report – What Did We Expect?

Deborah Venable



The anticipation is over with now, folks.  The “report” is out in all its “dire” pessimism, and aren’t we all proud to be Americans with this kind of “forward” thinking making our stamp on humanity? 


By the way, this is the 65th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor – you know, that other time that a bunch of crazed, cut-throat “people with a purpose” thought they could give us a sucker punch and put us down for the count.  It was a numbers game then too, and we were outnumbered – but we never lost sight of the only goal that would rid us of the enemy and protect our homeland – victory.


Now these ten proud brain trusts – the ISG for short, are even more proud to point out that they have assessed the current conflict and deliberately eliminated the word, “victory” from their infamous report.  Victory for us, that is.


I have one question:  Where the heck did my country go?


The long and short of it is that Iraq has one big problem right now.  All the others sited in this “statement of the obvious” report are peanuts compared to the biggy – too many bad guys are indiscriminately killing folks in that country!  That’s what caused the war and that’s what is continuing it.  We are supposed to be there to help the good guys win the war – and that means more of the bad guys have to get killed than good guys. 


All the flowery talk about “a way forward” and repairing infrastructure and economy won’t insure that Iraq will not continue to be a hotbed of terrorism for years if we don’t kill all the bad guys!  Because if we don’t do that, their intention is to kill as many of us as it takes to acquire our submission to their beliefs.  Iraq’s neighboring countries have absolutely no interest in helping us do what needs to be done there, so the idea of going to any of them with our hat in hand and asking for help is worse that idiotic and ludicrous! 


Too many Americans seem to think that all would be well if we would just pull out and let the chips fall where they may, or if we would just funnel money into the fledgling government of Iraq and let them do what they can with it. 


They have the resources to acquire all the money they’ll ever need!  What they don’t have is the ability to keep the bullies from beating them up and taking it all away to use against us right now. 


In this instant gratification world we live in, people seem to think that wars this important can be won in days or weeks and that years or decades shouldn’t be required.  As long as we are remembering WWII today, can anybody answer one simple question?  Does anybody remember when total control of Okinawa was given over to Japan after that war?  The year, if memory serves me right, was 1972, ladies and gentlemen.  That took a long time.  Can anyone say that it was not worth it?  We propped up all of worn torn Europe for years and years, just so the elite there can now thumb their noses at us – but none of those previously dangerous powers have attacked us again, have they? 


Take a good, fresh new look at America, folks, and tell me why we should ever listen to the pessimistic rantings of a bunch of has-been patriots telling us that we are losing the war in Iraq and it is time for us to seek counsel with our enemies to stop it!


God help us if President Bush gives this report too much weight in his decision making!


If you want to download the whole report click here.

If you’d like to examine the background of these sunshine patriot authors of it click here. 



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