Blatant Ignorance Or Deliberate Treason?

Deborah Venable



The power mongers in the present administration and congress are proving on a day-to-day basis that they do NOT have America’s best interests at heart.  The great bulk of the old media and much of the new media are aiding in this deception of the American people by ignoring and downplaying the important stuff while it exaggerates and invents social chaos stemming from concerned citizens.  Representation goes out the window when the people are ignored, politicians are more interested in working together, (against whom?) and the media makes news instead of reporting it. 


Tweet this – all you folks in the new media and the old who are bemoaning the death of such things as the Whitehouse press corps – you already missed the funeral, and the real impending “death” you should be concerned with is that of the will of the people! 


Question:  How do you “cover” communists in the Whitehouse and Congress? 


Answer:  With never-ending cover-ups, of course!


Take this New York Times story that appeared on the internet site on April 5th for instance.  While the information contained in it is absolutely alarming, half the people reading it will consider that the Times has done its job admirably by reporting it in an unbiased way.  HUH?  Who comes off smelling like a rose instead of the skunk he truly is?  Unbiased indeed!


I guess you had to actually live through the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Reagan’s handling of the summit at Reykjavik with Gorbachev to know that American leaders have always hated nuclear weapons.  The same cannot be said of any other nuclear power.  While some certainly have, the communist ideology does not permit sincere hatred of nuclear weapons in communist hands.  This holds true for any two-bit tyrant dictators also.  But true American leaders have always looked for ways to eliminate the nuclear threat.  Our present young president is being portrayed as unique in his quest to eliminate nuclear weapons.  Can you read the Times story and much of the reporting media any other way?


If you haven’t read Understanding the Mindset by yours truly, written in August of 2008, that is a good starting point for getting a handle on this little essay.


As Obama continues to sign away America’s future in so many ways, domestically and through foreign policy, perhaps the only hope we have is to prove that infamous signature once and for all illegitimate!  The time it will take to undo damage already done any other way is time we probably do not have.  I truly believe that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet in what the Obama regime has in store for us.  And what we’ve already seen is breathtaking! 


The fact that this administration does not know how to deal with our friends, much less our enemies is deplorable.  I must admit that recent events surrounding the petulant attitude expressed at Israel and now the rush to undermine our national defense leaves me wondering if we are watching blatant ignorance or deliberate treason on display.  God help us – no matter which!



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