Take Back America

Deborah Venable



It’s the lament of conservatives all over the country.  We want our country back!  We know it’s been taken, and we just want it back.  With such a huge undertaking at hand, where do we begin?


Who are we, who want it back, and who took it in the first place?  These two questions must be answered before we can begin to formulate a plan.  So, what are those answers?


We, who want it back are individuals who voluntarily jumped in the melting pot, called America, a long time ago or even recently.  We have a fine sense of the importance that texture plays in a well functioning society. 


Think of it as a perfect hollandaise sauce ready to be spooned on the best eggs benedict you’ve ever tasted.  The success of such a dish is totally dependent on the texture and flavor of the sauce.  Totally.  Hollandaise sauce can be the most difficult or the simplest sauce you will ever prepare – it all depends on the care you take with following the rules and knowing when the dish is ready.


The rules are simple:  No direct heat, start with cold ingredients, and constantly attend the preparation by stirring the pot as the ingredients melt together to the right consistency.  In other words, encourage the flavors to become blended into the delicious outcome.  When it is ready, it must be used immediately and enjoyed extensively, or you’ll never prepare it again!  If it gets too hot, sits around unattended, or gets too cold, it ruins quickly.  You’ll wonder why you ever bothered going to all the trouble.


Who took America in the first place?


Each and every person, who was allowed to attach “American” to any part of his or her identity without respect to the rules or the texture of the outcome.  America has, thus, become an imperfect dish – hard for anyone to enjoy, sitting around unattended, growing too hot or too cold, depending on the issues at hand, and with the authors of the recipe – the rules – all but forgotten.


The other problem is that the chefs in the kitchen have decided that Americans, (regular Americans – certainly not the elite) should not eat such fine cuisine as eggs benedict or hollandaise sauce.  So, the dish will simply not be served any more to the common folk.  The three branches of government and all the elitists that populate them are determined to reserve all the benefits of enjoying this melting pot society for themselves.  They’ve done it by gaining control of the recipe book and prohibiting common folk from even entering the kitchen!


They’ll serve up half-baked ideas, burned scrambled eggs, and a nauseous pot of lumpy gruel – for every meal if we let them.  Isn’t that what we are doing?  Letting them tell us what we can and cannot eat from the fruits of this once Garden of Eden, called America?


Now, we know that in order to take America back, we still have to follow the rules.  We also know that those who have taken her do not ever follow the rules – they just destroy the old ones and invent new ones that will never make the recipe of America successfully.  How do we handle that?


Simply by remembering what America tasted like – not so very long ago.  What was prepared and enjoyed once can be duplicated – because the recipe is still there, and the rules are still in place.  The new rules can be cancelled out, and the elitists can be forced to eat from their own pot of lumpy gruel.  They gain their power from our acquiesce to their rules, from our idol worship of their hyped accomplishments, and from our apathy of their abuses.  We gorge on their ill-tasting gruel and become sicker and sicker. 


We pay for their expensive tastes, and they continually deny us our God-given rights to the taste of freedom via a well-textured society of individuals. 


It’s hard work, but it’s very satisfying to follow a good recipe and enjoy the results.  The most important ingredient of this recipe is recognizing the Hand of Providence in its original preparation.  Go ahead and read those rules again and you will know that America would never have been born without It.  Read the original “chefs’” notes and understand, finally, that God-given rights come from God.  The rules for keeping them are simple.  Remember the meaning of unalienable rights and once and for all realize that no one took those rights from us, nor did we have the right to give them up. 


Taking America back involves simply saying “no” to the rules from the elitists’ playbook and embracing the old recipe while enough of us still remember the taste.  God will bless America as He once did – if we will only allow it.



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