Telling It Like It Is

Deborah Venable



It would be nice to be able to read the headlines every morning – actually, on any given morning – without having to have a barf bag handy.  Silly me – still trying to live the American Dream! 


Oh, there is still some real nice human interest stuff in the news – don’t get me wrong – just not nearly enough to overcome modern journalism’s idea of what we need to know.  For instance, the best news I’ve heard in a long while is about the rescue of the mineworkers in Chile, who survived the sixty-nine day ordeal of being trapped almost a half-mile underground.  They were on their own for the first seventeen days, and then their country, their government, and the rest of the world got right to work on how to save and recover them.  Fantastic outcome!  God bless all the players in that real life drama!  But, gosh, folks, why did that good news have to be tempered with all the speculation on how many physical and especially psychiatric “problems” these survivors would have to face?  That became the BIG story in the end, didn’t it?  Barf!


I don’t think there is anything that my mind could conceive of, (and a whole lot that it would never formulate) that hasn’t been played out in news stories about man’s inhumanity to man.  From the absolutely horrible crimes that can be committed against innocent victims, (including children) to the ideologies that demand such atrocities in some deity’s or government’s name, to the ridiculous way some people can dream up to screw up their lives or those of the people around them – examples exist in the news every single day!  Barf!


Last week Joseph Farah’s online news service, World Net Daily, reported and commented on an intensified probe into an atrocity that started decades ago and has probably almost single-handedly resulted in much of the moral decline we are now seeing, thanks to the so-called sexual revolution of the mid twentieth century.  I am speaking about the work of Alfred Kinsey, whom Farah has, in my opinion, accurately referred to as the monster.  This link contains another link within it that will solidify that opinion from the perspective of a real victim of Kinsey’s “research.”  That one was worth several barfs, by the way.


Since I have been an adult witness of the aforementioned moral decline, watching it literally worsen year after year, I can tell you that this sort of thing doesn’t just happen or evolve from nothing.  It takes a culture that is overrun by a push to normalize sexual depravity for the results to be as astonishing as our current sexual environment reflects.


This interview, also published by World Net Daily, is a must read for a full understanding of just what has happened.  Barf!   


Got your barf bag ready?  Blatant liberal media bias was once again on public display in this report of NPR’s firing of Juan Williams last week.  National Public Radio has enjoyed the services of Mr. Williams a lot less since he became a Fox News commentator and regularly appears on the Fox prime-time lineup.  Obviously they were looking for a reason to get shed of him.  He handed it to them with a simple statement of honesty.  That’s NPR and the liberal media for you.  They don’t report honestly, so they sure as heck can’t pay anyone who does!  Barf!  A good reason for a second barf session on this one is that Juan Williams, while certainly not the meanest liberal spokesperson in the media today, has always pretty much spewed the liberal talking points for a good long while now – but his most adamant defenders in this incident are certainly not his liberal admirers. 


Perhaps the biggest barf of all – simply because it permeates every fiber of modern life in America and indeed the world at large – is the disease known as political correctness.  Make no mistake, the decline into moral depravity has been facilitated and accelerated by this disease.  Every single freedom outlined and protected in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution has been infringed, abridged, stifled, ignored, forgotten, or completely annihilated by acceptance of this disease of political correctness.  Speech?  Nope, got to watch what you say all the time in today’s environment.  Press?  Nope, that is a joke.  In fact the whole media is a joke.  Peaceful assembly?  Nope, the very government that is supposed to protect that has done its level best to malign anyone who “assembles” with what the government considers “dangerous” groups.  Religion?  Need I really have to say nope to that one?  The government has established its own religion called, government!  That’s the only one allowed to be represented and practiced freely in this country.  Last, but not least, what about the freedom to redress grievances?  Nope!  Try it and find yourself in a world of hurt – from IRS audits to having an almighty government judge tell you that you have “no standing” for your grievance.  Barf!


But then, when the government has been allowed to infringe on one amendment to the degree that it has infringed on the Second, can all the others be far behind?  The freedom and right to protect ourselves and our families?  Are you kidding me?  Any government, such as the behemoth we have now, couldn’t possibly allow that one!  That thing hasn’t just been infringed – those very few, concise words have been replaced by enough volumes of so-called law to fill a small library all by itself!  Barf!


So, here’s to telling it like it is, folks.  I’m sick of being sick all the time!  I’m sick of the whole environment that political correctness has created.  I’m sick of being told by arrogant and ignorant politicians and other famous people that I have no right to speak out honestly against a religion that would gladly see me in a subservient role that would be intolerant to me, even though that very religion has openly stated that it wants to rule the world.  (How stupid are you women on “The View” to defend that?) 


I’m sick of being told that aberrant sexual behavior is normal and “protected” more than the moral traditions of family.  You people are idiots to let that stand and be taught to children! 


I’m sick of being told that the lucrative business of snuffing out human life in the name of choice is protected while all my choices are up for grabs in this upside down environment of moral depravity!  How stupid do you think I am?


I’m sick of being told by people who obviously have several screws loose that this earth is sick and dying because of human actions.  The earth is just fine – it is the “ruling” imbeciles of the earth that are causing more illness to the rest of humanity that is the big problem!  Their actions are the ones that need to be stopped.  A big part of science has become a laughing stock as it digs its heels into ridiculous theories and seeks to make a very few people rich at the expense of everybody else.  That is truly sick!


Now, down to the bottom line – money!  I’m sick of being told that other people know how to spend my money better than I do.  I’m sick of being preached to about the benefits of government charity while government does everything in its power to restrict the ability of individuals to earn money and spend it as they see fit, and encourage people who do not wish to work to make a career of accepting said government “charity” instead!         


The best healthcare in the world will not help my sickness.  Preventive measures would have stopped it cold, though.  So, telling it like it is, let’s prevent as much of this liberal policy sickness from spreading and continuing to erode the moral fiber of this country while it takes the economic health of this nation to the pits of hell with it by voting with our minds and souls on November the 2nd.  I want some “change back” from the ill advised decisions that voters have made in the past by electing the destructive group of elitists that now rule Washington D.C. and too many of the state houses. 


I would truly like to set aside my barf bag on November the 3rd as I read the election results.  Wouldn’t you?



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