Fear Mongering 101

Deborah Venable



First, there was the “glass ceiling” that good old Hillary couldn’t quite break through.  Now, there’s the “debt ceiling” that good old Barack wants jacked up before he can break through.  (Funny, since he’s wanted to “cap” practically everything else that has to do with energy or expanding the economy.)  At the same time he also wants to jack up taxes on the rich, of course, (no ceiling on that one) and pull out, (or cap) military spending on Bush’s wars, i.e. Iraq and Afghanistan, while expanding into other interesting places to bomb in the Middle East, i.e. Libya etc. 


Let’s see, we have to keep raising the ceiling on the minimum wage, capping the Social Security C.O.L. raises, hands off union worker entitlements, expand Medicaid, but cap Medicare benefits, grow government and continue to cap individual liberties wherever we can.  While doing all of this, Democrats have the audacity to accuse Republicans of shoving grandma off a cliff in a wheelchair???  Uh oh, did the poor old dear not get her pain pill first? 


Perhaps most appalling of all is that government hatched plan to deliberately send American firearms into the hands of Mexican criminals while bitching like hell about American citizens having too much access to legal firearms!  (Forgive the language, folks, but nothing quite describes it like that.) 


Getting back to the debt ceiling debate – every time Obama or any of the Democrats seek out a microphone, (which is multiple times daily) they take the occasion to tell the American people, who are saying in majority numbers, “hold the debt ceiling!” that they are too stupid to realize just what that means.  Why, according to them, that means Social Security checks won’t go out!  Children will have to languish in ignorance, (while starving to death without school breakfast, lunch, and dinner) grandma won’t get her Medicare pain pill, and the whole government will default on its loans!  Our money will be worthless!  Oh, and our military guys and gals won’t get paid!  Cops and Firemen too!  And forget about visiting any National parks! 


Wait for it . . . wait for it . . . FEAR MONGERING 101!


Here’s what they don’t want you to know.  If these things really did happen, it would be because something ELSE was PRIORITIZED above them by THEM!


If the debt ceiling is reached and the government actually has to start living within its means, that does not mean that the revenue stream into the government stops.  Hint: If you max out your credit cards, it does not mean that you don’t get a paycheck if you still have a job!  One thing has nothing to do with the other.


The dirty little secret is that Social Security and Medicare should be untouchable, (remember the “lock box”?)  They still have some ‘splainin’ to do on that one, huh?  Nobody ever has really, even though all us “stupid folk” know that the lock got picked a long time ago.  So now it would be nice for these folks in power to come right out and tell all the young ‘uns where their mandated withholdings for these things are actually going!  Wouldn’t that be a hoot?


It seems Barack’s “hike the debt ceiling or else” statements get harder to take every time he seeks a microphone – more condescending, more dishonest, (if that’s even possible at this point) and far more desperate!  Why do Republicans even continue to rush over to the White House to hear him out??  Not only are the American people too stupid (read that “busy” in his words) to keep an eye on what government is doing, but we need to just “eat our peas” like good little boys and girls and “yank off the band aide!”  Hey, Barry, some of us out here actually LIKE peas!  We just refuse to have them or anything else shoved down our throats.  And band aides won’t heal all the wounds that YOU have caused anyway!


Now, I’m going to engage in a little fear mongering of my own.  I have recently noticed an abrupt change in the way Barry and the Democrats in general are being received by the American people.  I don’t think it is wishful thinking on my part.  The numbers, (percentages if you will) of people that seemed to be duped by the policies put forth by this bunch are shrinking!  While the diehard idiots are still out there, especially in the media, they are being surrounded by clearer thinking individuals that know something is wrong.  Too bad that too few of those clearer thinking individuals actually have posts in the fourth estate where they could do a lot of good, although we have to hope that more and more of those irreplaceable, (they think) individuals with their oh-so-valuable journalism degrees clutched in their hands or hung on their walls will actually someday wake up and tell things like they are.


Most of the “smarter than thous” agree that the debt ceiling will and must be raised.  Not a single one of these individuals can adequately explain why, but they just look at you like you are stupid if you don’t believe it.


So, as we push toward the goal post, (that seems to keep moving until now) of going over that magical date when America defaults on her debts and fails to pay military and retirees, I have to wonder what’s going on behind all those closed doors on The Hill and just how much it is costing the American people.  (You don’t think all those guys and gals are in all those meetings without any fancy sustenance do you?)  Every proposed “deal” they’ll come up with is just so much more wasted time and money, but that is the politics of getting the job done in today’s upside down world. 


It won’t last.  The breaking point will be reached eventually.  Yummy!  Peas anyone? 



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