Three Strikes

Deborah Venable



The old ballgame of American politics is almost half over for this season.  No runs, no hits and too many errors seem to sum up the score.  Despite my earlier piece comparing the presidential campaign to a race, we really haven’t seen any “running” going on, unless you consider the “running off at the mouth” that all are guilty of. 


While the media has all but eliminated “the girl” as a serious contender in the final inning, the “rookie” has gained far too much credence as a seasoned player.  The real “seasoned player” has decided to make use of pinch hitters and a beyond reproach reputation to carry him to ultimate victory.  It could work I suppose, but it would be a much more interesting game if he was actually getting (and giving) his own share of dirt and grass stains in the play.


Hillary has done all that should have been expected of her as the anointed, presumptive Democrat star, but that just wasn’t enough.  While I am quite sure her “trading card” will be worth a mint to collectors of the future, she is a damaged property to her current managers.  Unlike many of my associates, I don’t agree that her husband had anything to do with her rise or fall in this game of politics.  I believe her handlers just dropped the ball so to speak.  They told her that name recognition alone would carry her through to victory. 


But, America’s favorite pastime is much more complicated than that!


Hillary did the country a valuable service, though, in forcing Obama’s identity out in the open instead of allowing it to stay in the shadows of obscurity, which I am sure he would have preferred.  (She should at least thank Rush Limbaugh for her ability to perform this service however.)  In all fairness, until she did that, most voters shouldn’t have been able to see a dime’s worth of difference between the girl and the rookie.  Now, I don’t necessarily believe that is so.  Never-the-less, strike one goes to Hillary.


The rising star of the Democrats, Barak, has attained his place in the political game due to a bum’s rush by less than stellar managers and handlers.  That’s a given.  It is becoming more than abundantly clear that those very directors of his political career may end up being his greatest burden and ultimately his downfall.  We could compare it to a successful businessman whose success was crafted by his mafia connections.  As soon as the public becomes aware of such connections, well, “tainted” doesn’t adequately describe the results.  Strike two Obama.


No conservative in his right mind is going to vote for the known entity of the Clinton socialist, Democrat machine, or the unknown entity of the oh so questionable history and loyalties of the of the still wet behind the ears, elitist New Democrats for Change - Obama fan club branch.  Any conservative votes they garner will be bogus or protest at best and purely ignorant at worst.


No doubt the success of the McCain candidacy rests in his own hands and how he decides to play out the last few innings.  Who wins presidential elections in predominately white, conservative America?  First rule – don’t lie.  Bush senior learned that lesson back in 92 when he was handed a defeat that should have been an easy victory for a successful war presidential incumbent.  Granted, the Democrat that beat him was the biggest liar of all time, but he wasn’t a conservative liar.  True conservatives don’t tolerate conservative liars, so Bush tore his drawers with that “No new taxes” lie.  Conservatives also don’t really appreciate globalists either, so McCain better cancel his membership in some of his globalist idea clubs. 


“Hitting the ball out of the park” does not translate to buying real estate in other parks.  The Home Team is funny about that.  Taking swings at low balls may be necessary to cinch the win since the pitchers all seem to be a little short these days.  If McCain just stands there, eventually he may get walked and not make it around to home plate before the game is over.  Too many pinch hitters and his three strikes may come sooner than he thinks.


One thing about it, the concession stand is still open – but if the managers don’t take better care of the park we won’t even be able to afford the peanuts and crackerjacks.  This ballgame has already handed the American people their three strikes after all.  



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