What Might Be the Motive?

Deborah Venable



I have purposely avoided commenting on the imprisoned Border Patrol Agents story until now.  Yes, it has been on my mind, and I have been paying attention to certain aspects of it as it is almost continually updated in the conservative news market.  Follow the link above if you have no idea what I am talking about.


I have to ask the question, what might be the motive for sending these two agents off to prison for such a seemingly crimeless action?


I’ve tried to figure it out.  By the way, does anybody know what happened to all that weed the illegal alien/victim had to abandon when he fled from those guys trying to arrest him?  That was relatively small potatoes in the whole scheme of things – with everything else that has been and is being illegally smuggled over our southern border – but it probably figures in somewhere, don’t you think?


You see, I think maybe these two guys just happened to draw the short straws in the latest attempt to throw the hounds off the scent of securing the border.  The agency had to receive a warning of sorts, and that was it.  The president also had to be sent a message too, and he got it loud and clear.  I can’t imagine what is really on his mind right now, but I must say that I do not respect his silence on the subject. 


The whole story, on the surface, is totally unbelievable. 


That there has been a miscarriage of justice cannot be denied.  And that the miscarriage of justice is based on existing law and policy also seems quite clear.  This case is two years old now, with updates unfolding all the time.  Was a conspiracy involved in getting these two guys convicted?  I believe that is also undeniable.  Are they squeaky clean or typical dirty cops?  Neither scenario seems to fit.  Could they have kept themselves out of trouble?  Probably, but the very fact that they did not go to the extremes it would have taken to do so indicates that they are more clean than dirty in the long run.  They could have immediately filed a report and gone public with their side of what happened, including the admonishments from their superiors NOT to make a big deal out of it.  Instead, they seemed to have clammed up and allowed themselves to be “thrown under the bus” as one reporter put it.  In all fairness, though, Ramos and Compean probably thought this was just another day in their lives as Border Patrol Agents.  If they did clam up, they probably did it knowing that fighting the system would probably be futile and maybe even dangerous.


The one thing I am NOT willing to believe is that these two agents are totally dirty and set out to deliberately break laws or prey upon a “poor illegal alien”.  They both have young families and good records, and they had absolutely nothing to gain from this incident.


Practically everybody else involved DID have something to gain, however.  The one with the most to gain is the so-called victim, Aldrete-Davila.  For an illegal alien/drug smuggler, this guy has the world by the tail.  Immunity from prosecution, help from people in high places in our government, top quality medical care for his wound, (which was not bad enough to impede his escape by the way), fame and glory in his homeland for causing such a ruckus and making our border security look like Misfits, Inc., and finally the potential for a big payoff of 5 million U.S. taxpayer dollars for his trouble.  I’d call that motive, wouldn’t you?


This whole story is dirty.  It zigzags back and forth across party lines politically and leaves smelly droppings all over three branches of government, several federal offices, and the questionable reporting in the press.  No matter how you slice it, obviously the United States Government is running scared and continuing to duck responsibility for SECURING OUR BORDERS! 


We, the people, have been asked to either believe that justice has been served or rise up and demand a presidential pardon for Ramos and Compean.  Both those choices stink.  Justice HAS NOT been served and the border agents should not REQUIRE a pardon.  You see, pardons indicate forgiveness from guilt – a guilt, I might add, that Ramos and Compean have continued to DENY. 


So, I ask you – what if they are truly innocent of the charges for which they have been convicted and sent to prison?     


They don’t need a pardon – they need exoneration.  That would require a new trial or the whole case to be found fraudulent and set aside.  It would also require some heads to roll – no Islamic terrorist pun intended.


It is no wonder that many folks think the number one issue in this country today is border security.  It is also no wonder that such a large conspiracy could have been cooked up to confuse the public even more on that issue.  What might be the motive?  Oh, I don’t know – but while we’re all scratching our heads over it can we at least get everybody who is vying for political power to weigh in on the issue and tell us why Ramos and Compean are rotting in prison while Aldrete-Davila is suing the government? 


Another question I would like answered is why Border Patrol Agents are not supposed to pursue suspects who flee?  Who wrote that rule and why does it stand?  That is what this whole thing boils down to.  I wonder if that also includes folks like Osama bin Laden and his ilk? 


If you want to read up on this case, I’m including some links here.


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