Slow News

Deborah Venable



Slow news weeks don’t seem to exist any more, but important news is very often slow to receive the attention that it deserves.  While the national news media, that giant sucking leach on American attention spans, continued to plow the state of Arizona under for its new immigration law, here in New Mexico, where I presently reside, a sensational event happened that got very little attention. 


A six-year-old girl was raped by an illegal immigrant in the play room of the Midtown Sports and Wellness Club in Albuquerque while her mother worked out at the facility.  Here is the KRQE report on the incident.  KRQE is a local television station.  I heard about the incident on the local news talk radio station, KKOB.  To their credit, the local “talkers” devoted a fair amount of time to discuss the ramifications of the incident and invited caller feedback on it.  Naturally, they have devoted a lot of time recently to the Arizona immigration law also. 


On the rape incident, there is definitely enough blame to go around.  A mother who would drop her six-year-old daughter off in an unattended play room so she can work out, (for whatever reason I don’t care) is negligent to say the least.  This story isn’t that simple though.  The rapist is the son of another mother, one who is supposedly a legal alien who works at the gym as a janitor.  Evidently the rapist has the run of the place, (as a member) while his mother works.  So we have a “work out” mom and a working mom who both obviously fell down on their mothering jobs.


Here is an updated report from the same source as the first, KRQE.  This was not the first time for this rapist, now 20 years old.  We now find that he is a serial rapist who has never been punished!  He admits to “having a problem” – and the courts have been inefficient with helping him out with it. 


Now, to say that information on this case is sketchy is a gross understatement.  I picked up a lot more from listening to the talk news station twenty minutes than from two hours of scouring the internet – and my research skills are impeccable.  Everybody involved seems to be in overdrive on passing the buck.  Well, that is everyone officially involved.  Of course we don’t know the identity of the child or her parents or that much about the rapist’s parents either. 


And where is the nationwide news media on this one? 


I’m not a reporter, so I refuse to use the CYA terminology (like “alleged”) to describe this monster, who would steal the innocence of a six-year-old while he held his hand over her mouth and heard her repeated cries to “stop” then took himself off to the showers to destroy the evidence.  That, in my book, is not alleged behavior, but proof of a guilty SOB.


As with other incidences of crimes committed by illegal aliens, the news media and the pathetically misinformed public try to erase the negative connotations against illegal aliens.  The politically correct directive is to go out of one’s way not to place emphasis on the illegal status of anyone committing any other crime. 


Reading the feedback on what little information you can find on this case is eye opening, as is listening to callers to the radio show.  This commentator cannot ignore the inescapable correlations to the Arizona law and the fact that this monster was still in this country to carry out his “problem” passions on a six-year-old child!  Added to that, I now have my finger on the pulse of the state of New Mexico, a liberal ridden state that coddles illegal aliens! 


Before anyone asks, I have personally answered the question, “Are you a United States citizen?” four times in the last year, as I came back from the Texas border town of El Paso.  You see, there is a Border Patrol station on I 25, well into the state of New Mexico, that is always heavily manned – and everybody has to stop.  There isn’t a lot out there in that section of desert, and I always wonder if the other routes into civilization are closely monitored too.  I would have to think NOT.


Folks, if you haven’t seen with your own eyes the effects of the illegal alien crisis, then why the hell do I have to listen to your whining about human rights being violated by the big, bad policemen in Arizona hassling people with their kids at ice cream parlors?  Do you even know what you are talking about??  Perhaps you need to take a little trip south of the border and convince those folks that human rights are being violated!  Let me know how that all works out for ya!


For weeks now I have listened to folks sniveling about how the Arizona law is going to cause an illegal alien influx into the neighboring state of New Mexico.  I have a question:  Why should it?????  The last I heard, they have no intention of being run out of Arizona – or anywhere else in America.  Believe me, they are here to stay unless they are forced to leave!


Getting back to this dear little soul in Albuquerque, I hope her mother has decided that her work outs do not negate her responsibilities as a parent.  I also hope the rapist’s mother has decided that ignoring her son’s little problem was not the wisest path she could have chosen for her or her son.  I hope the judges and court officials have decided that they may have dropped the ball a little too far and will own up to their own responsibilities in this case.  I hope God will allow this child to grow up as unscathed as possible.


Even as I express all those hopes, I know that chances are slim to none for any of them being realized.


I will now employ the Mr. Veritas lament:  WAKE UP AMERICA!



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