Post Game Report

Deborah Venable



I must borrow and expand upon that infamous utterance from Chris Matthews after Obama won the 08 election. 


My son sent me another article yesterday, America's Game, which so accurately described what happened Tuesday night that I got that “tingle” feeling – not just up my leg, Chris, but throughout the rest of my body too.  That kid does have a way with words!  He writes when he feels like writing and sends me a proof copy I never have to edit.  A publisher’s dream – believe me!


We were online together that night as the election results started coming in – gotta love instant messenging – and as this old lady had to toddle off to bed to get her much needed beauty sleep, he kept up the vigil till the wee hours and wrote the article to boot!  (He chose the unheated portion of the house, away from where everyone else was logging their Zs, hence his references to the cold.)


I couldn’t have made a better analogy if I’d tried!


Politics is a game.  It has become the biggest game America plays, and the “concession” stand does a walloping business every single time.  No popcorn, no hotdogs, not even any Coke or Kool-Aid – just the syrupy speeches from those who lost to those who won – warning that the winners must now play nice with the losers and compromise their winning positions! 


Since when?


It is very telling that this time the “victory parties” were held by many Republicans as a warning not to consider this a “team” win.  The “fans” have certain expectations of the winners that had better not be ignored.  That was the message from the smart Republicans.  We’ll see if they follow through.  Too many of them are already doing some arm stretching exercises in preparation for reaching across the aisle so to speak.  The American people do not want that.  We didn’t see any of it from the Democrats after their sweeping win in 08, and we surely do not want it now.


On multiple occasions the newly elected Obama reminded Republicans that he had won, therefore his agenda would “trump.”  Don’t believe me – look it up for yourself!  Doesn’t sound very bi-partisan, does it?


So, this game is over for now.  It’s time to clean up the field and get it ready for the next time.  Unfortunately, it is a much bigger mess to clean up than usual.  All the toilets are clogged, the field is littered with wasted dollars, the turf has divots that will require resurfacing, and most of the clean up crew hasn’t even been hired yet. 


Some of the most egregiously injured team members have their own team to thank – especially on the winning side.  If those doing the injury think that they can erect some sort of big tent to get everyone through till the next game, they obviously are not paying attention to the weather reports.  A big wind caused this “wipe out” tidal wave and will threaten to rip apart any attempts to raise such a tent. 


It is time for you “smarter than the rest of us” so-called Republicans and conservatives (INO) to abandon the tent idea and lay the foundation for a stronger team locker room.  Clean up the mess you’ve made in the past and don’t spend so much time worrying about what’s going on at the other side of the field.  The fans are restless.  They want to love a winner – not coddle a loser!



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