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America’s Game

Brett Venable



What is America’s game? Is it baseball’s October, with the Giants defeating the Texans in five games to take their first title since 1954? Is it football’s surprising 5-2 Chiefs, leading the AFC West? No and no. America’s game is Pat Toomey coming from behind to hold the only contestable Republican Senate seat. It’s Mark Kirk doing the same to take Obama’s former Senate seat. It’s the potential for the biggest shift in House seats since the Roosevelt election in 1932. America’s game, is politics.


It’s hard to type with crossed fingers. Yes, I’m still watching the California Senate race, hoping Barbara Boxer’s lead will trip on something. My hands are frozen, my nose is numb, the temperature continues to drop out here, and yet I’m glued to the screen, eagerly awaiting the next update, hoping the colors will change in my favor. This stuff is better than football, baseball, maybe even better than the stuff California just decided not to make legal.


Fox News gets to play ESPN for a night when this once-every-two-years sporting event occurs, and they take very good cues from their sports broadcasting partners. They play into the whole sports-politics notion with their scorekeeping of individual elections, graphs and stats, ever-present Balance of Power meter, and constant commentary by contributors and analysts. Whatever it is, it catches on.


One thing remains clear throughout a night of millions of counted votes and hundreds of decided federal offices; politics certainly satisfies every requirement to be considered a sport. We see it played out during the “regular season”, when bills are proposed and voted on, public discussions and discourse is held, and controversies emerge and fade. The same as with any sport, leaders emerge for each side, making decisions and swaying opinions. We even sometimes see players getting traded to other teams (Crist ’cough’ ‘cough’). Everything culminates in the post-season midterms, and the championship presidential election years. All that’s left is for our congressmen to swap out their suits for uniforms, and their earmarks and appropriations for advertising deals. Okay, maybe too much, but you get the point. The sport of politics is alive and well, and I’ll be damned if it ain’t fun at least once every two years.


I’m Brett Venable, and I approve this message.


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