Harry Stepped In Deep

Deborah Venable



An old saying came to mind as I heard the recent remarks made by Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, when he was addressing an assembled campaign audience in Nevada this week.  He was evidently appealing to his needed Hispanic supporters when he said, “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, okay – do I need to say more?”


The old saying that came to mind goes something like this:  Harry obviously let his alligator mouth overload his hummingbird – well, use your imagination for the rest of it.


The point is, old Harry stepped in deep and probably his elite little mind wasn’t even aware of his faux pas.  You can call that being out of touch if you wish, I just call it a liberal elite speaking his mind.


Marco Rubio, billed as a rising star in the Republican Party quickly blasted the remarks as “outrageous” and “ridiculous” and reminded the famous Democrat that Americans of Hispanic descent have a better chance here for upward mobility than anywhere else in the world – and that democrats are doing everything in their power to destroy the American free enterprise system that allows it.


This article by Dr. Manny Alvarez reminds Senator Reed that he and many others of Hispanic descent are not stupid – nor was his own father, a life-long Republican.


Now given that both of these men are descendents of Cubans fleeing communist tyranny, we can probably rest assured that Harry wasn’t referring to that particular brand of Hispanic – but who knows?  One doesn’t have to look far to find other Republican Hispanics without the so-called herd mentality to which Reid might have been addressing his remarks.  Hispanics are traditionally more socially conservative and have a much better grasp on a good work ethic solving their economic concerns over depending on government to do it for them.


It is sad to think that progressive Democrats must rely on an influx of illegal immigrants more interested in revolution than assimilation to achieve their version of the American Dream. 


One thing we can be sure of, progressive elites will never be able to see things from an individualist standpoint.  It isn’t in their ideology, therefore, it isn’t in their intellectual grasp.  They must group their enemies just as they group their friends, and in their eyes, you are either a part of the “right” group or you’re not.


Individual rights and even individual opinion mean nothing to such collectivists.  That explains why they cannot truly value and honor – much less understand – America’s exceptionalism and the uniqueness of her founding.  That is why they have no problem shredding the Constitution or scoffing at the Declaration Of Independence.  They don’t really understand either of these great documents.  That our Founders could have drawn up the blueprint for this country with such succinct language is unthinkable to people who now need thousands of printed pages to define ambiguous legislation that puts a stranglehold on individual freedom – yet they are the enlightened elite among us?


We may pick on Senator Reid for his seemingly outrageous remarks, but really, wasn’t he just stating his honest opinion?  Isn’t that all it takes these days for a progressive/liberal/Democrat lawmaker to find himself or herself in over his/her head?


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