Faux News Becomes Foe News

Deborah Venable



We try to stay on top of the most important goings on in political and social America these days here at Unique Point Of View - after all, we are dedicated to educating the public through educational facts and opinions.  Too bad that most of the media, both old and new, seem to shun that approach. 


Now while we are certainly not the only ones dedicated to real news, facts, and opinions, I will still stand by my assertion that most still are not so dedicated.  One, who is doing an excellent job most of the time, (IMHO) is Glenn Beck.  Many of his detractors will say otherwise, of course, but upon closer examination it is easy to see that they will fall into that aforementioned category of “most” who are not so dedicated to the truth.  Beck briefly expounded on a term, “faux news” on his television show of July 21, 2010.  Here is a video clip containing those remarks.  He even spelled out the word f-a-u-x so there would be no doubt.


Taking it a step further, let’s consider what is happening in America when we are, indeed, being bombarded with this faux news on a daily basis.  Faux news refuses to cover the important truth, manufactures news that isn’t truth, and vilifies anyone who tries to set the record straight.  Therefore, it becomes “foe news.”  That’s f-o-e news, folks.


So, this enemy media, the “most” that I referred to earlier, is a real foe.


If anyone still needs convincing of that fact after just the last couple of years in the news cycle, (and a lot obviously DO) then we are in a real pickle, aren’t we?  In this last week alone we have seen evidence that many elitist members of the mainstream news media actually plotted to pull off manufactured, undying support for a presidential candidate thus catapulting him into the office.  They did this by refusing to cover important truths, manufacturing news that wasn’t true, and vilifying anyone who tried to set the record straight.  Faux news became foe news, and it is just getting started.


The art and science of journalism has become both a lost art and a slanted and tainted science, with so-called “control” groups hand-picked from among the most gullible – trusting, happy-go-lucky Americans who just want to go along to get along with whatever the powers that be determine is in their best interest.  They have been carefully groomed through the government school system for decades now to just be fat, dumb, and happy with whatever comes their way.


Religion and God overrated, history and culture unimportant, common sense and individualism downplayed or wiped out, so that progressive, collective ignorance can take over – that is what the foe has facilitated. 


If we don’t all make a real effort to know and try to understand what the “other side” is saying, then we will be our own worst foe.  You cannot fight what you cannot understand.  That is a truth.  You must be able to understand why that other side is wrong, and you cannot expect any news media to tell you that.  Not in this day and time of the faux news.  Understanding does not require agreeing with – it merely requires separating fact from fiction, reality from fantasy, and truth from deceit.  Individuals are capable of doing that.  A collective mindset is, sadly, not.


While I admire the efforts of the likes of previously mentioned Glenn Beck, and many other conservative journalists and commentators, I do not rely solely on any of them for my own understanding of the truth.  As individuals we should all realize that finding someone else we can agree with completely, all the time is very unlikely.  No one else shares our unique background and experiences or our education for that matter.  We are all supposed to see things a little differently, but we have the responsibility, if we are to remain free, to be able to seek and identify the truth. 


Unbiased news reporting is the responsibility of a true journalist, but most of them have forgotten that, if they ever learned it in the first place.  Commentators are the conduit between people seeking truth and the ideological prism that defines various political representations.  Their main responsibility is to accurately convey the truth as they clearly portray the effects of various ideological policies on individuals’ lives. 


The most obvious trap that commentators can fall into is if they become mere salesmen of the truth without realizing that the other side might have better salesmen and therefore the truth would need dressing up to become a “better product” – thus losing its unadulterated value in the end.  We should never feel the need to sell the truth, but we can certainly sell our talents at delivery.  That is all. 


I find it most interesting that the other side of the political spectrum is now insisting that Fox News be shut down.  Fox News is the undeniable frontrunner in the business of news and political commentary dissemination at this time.  It has been wildly successful in a relatively short period of time because it has employed talented delivery and insisted on more truth than not in its reporting of news.  Is it perfect?  No.  I find myself disagreeing with many opinions they espouse and the overabundant and/or non-existent coverage they give some issues and stories.  But I have grown to expect much more from Fox News than I do any other television broadcast or cable news media, and they live up to that expectation better than any other. 


I would never call for the government to “shut down” any news media and I am suspicious of anyone who would. 


Rush Limbaugh, another very famous commentator who I have always admired, has stated in essence that there is no media any more.  While I understand completely what he is saying, I do not agree completely.  I think the definition of what we have today in place of yesteryear’s more dependable media is simply an irresponsible substitute – a faux news/foe news media. 


Rush Limbaugh made his fortune honestly through talented delivery of the truth through his ideological prism – staunch conservatism.  Yes, he has human failings – we all do.  But one thing he has never done in all the broadcasts I have listened to over twenty years, or in his numerous writings, is obfuscate or intentionally cover up the truth.  That is why I admire him the most.  His occasional arrogance isn’t important when you realize that it is mostly done for effect – and he is effective.  His humility shines much brighter through his character than any perceived arrogance anyway because he does not exaggerate his accomplishments, he just states them with the courage of his convictions.  I probably disagree less with Rush than any other commentator I can think of at the moment. 


There are others that I admire, but I don’t feel the need to list them all here and I certainly don’t agree with everything that anyone says.  I can say that the more truth they convey – whatever their delivery – the more I admire them. 


As you go about your day-to-day life, whether or not you happen to be a “news junkie,” never forget to celebrate your freedom to make your own choices in which “junk” you choose to partake of.  Always remember to pass the product you select under your own microscope of truth, and eventually, the faux/foe news business will be put out of business.  As an optimist, I believe it can happen.  Do whatever you can to see to it!



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