Nine Years Later

Deborah Venable



When I was growing up, it was December 7 – “the day that would live in infamy” – the anniversary that Americans could not forget.  Now, few American school children even know the significance of that date.  I’ll leave that hanging for you to agree with or argue about.


Now, the day of infamy is September 11.  The loss of life tally is very close on these two events.  Both dates sparked wars for America – foreign wars, but an even more devastating war on American soil.  That war is ongoing today, nine years after the event, which triggered it – September 11, 2001.


It is that war that I would focus on at this point in our history.  To do so we must understand that this, more than anything else, is a war of ideology.  It isn’t a religious war.  It isn’t a war for empire.  It isn’t even a war for the hearts and minds of men and women.  It is a war against the intimidation of the human soul.  It is our war on terror to fight, above all, that intimidation of the very spark of life.


We must understand that a “terrorized” people are malleable, yet unpredictable.  They can be fiercely brave in the fight or cowed into little more than slavery to preserve whatever is left of their peaceful existence.  Such is the lot of people all over the world who have succumbed to ongoing terrorism.  They do not live in true freedom. 


Any religion that would inspire its believers to terrorize people who do not believe its tenets is not a worthy religion at all.  We were told that “radical” Islamists were responsible for the events of September 11, 2001.  An attack on the “Great Satan” by adherents to an extreme and exclusionary religion that has wreaked havoc all over the world for centuries – yet inspired by a religion of peace?  Immediately following the attacks, Muslims all over the world, and indeed in this country, took to the streets to rejoice in our sorrow.  They praised their Allah as we were still searching for survivors of that devastating attack. 


The war of ideology had begun, but it wasn’t cut and dried, easy to determine “sides” or agree on an enemy.  Almost immediately, while in the throes of being terrorized, American citizens began to formulate conspiracy theories about the “real” enemy.  The most nonsensical of these held that the government had planned the attacks and carried them out deliberately to cause a war against Muslims.  It seemed to matter not that such attacks had been carried out all over the world for decades which carried the indelible fingerprints of Muslim “extremists” – nor that the World Trade center had already been a target once before.  These postulating, confused, and terrorized people continue to this day to insist that their theories are sound. 


Meanwhile, the bulk of the thinking populace came together in mourning and vowed to fight the terror and those who instigated it.  It lasted for a split second in human history.  Then the infighting took over and we have not been united since.


We have dwarfed the civilian losses of that day with the blood of our brave young military men and women who answered the call to the official war on terror and still it goes on.  Sanctimonious citizens and so-called leaders alike have forgotten what the real fight is all about.  They flounder in the foreign wars while our brightest and best keep sacrificing life and limb – and most shamefully, many times their own liberty and honor when they are accused unjustly.  The leaders, both military and political, pussyfoot around the real issues and weave the tangled web of deceit on the American people and those they send in to fight.  They cannot or will not even try to define victory any more.


The Muslim world of “Islamic extremists” has grown by leaps and bounds.  The terror continues.  The very subject of religion has been put on trial time and again right here in America – all to appease the enemy.  Nine years later, the ideological war is in full swing right here on American soil.  The concept of American freedom of religion has been bastardized to the extreme.  It has been held out willingly to one religion and snatched away from another.  That is a fact.  Political correctness and faux tolerance rule the day in the arena of “freely” expressed ideas.  Historical heritage of Christian influence in the formation of our country and its laws must bow down to this so-called “religion of peace.”  It is “right” to build mosques in sacred places and encourage the influx of Muslim influence into every institution of America, but it is “wrong” and “intolerant” to wear or display crosses or even mention “Jesus Christ” in speeches on college campuses. 




It is an expression of American freedom to burn American flags and Christian Bibles, but it is blasphemy to even threaten to burn the Muslim Koran.  If you disagree with both things, you are only half right in today’s ideological war.  Deception and stupidity rule nine years later as the day of infamy lives on. 


It is far past the time to choose sides in this war.  We are fighting terror, and anyone who promotes it is on the wrong side.  Anyone who defends it is on the wrong side.  Anyone who confuses it is on the wrong side.  Anyone who uses it is on the wrong side.  Anyone who willingly remains terrorized is on the wrong side.  You are simply evil in your intent or ignorant in your slavery. 



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