Another Landmark Day In Congress

Deborah Venable



No surprise here!  That catastrophic financial reform bill passed the senate on July 15th  – thanks to “moderate” help from the usual suspect RINOs, (Maine’s two senators, Snowe and Collins and newly elected Massachusetts RINO, Scott Brown. 


From this Wall Street crackdown article, one of the first to appear after the passage of the bill, this quote from Connecticut Senator, Christopher Dodd, Democrat:


"It is not a perfect bill, I will be the first to admit that," Dodd said. "It will take the next economic crisis, as certainly it will come, to determine whether or not the provisions of this bill will actually provide this generation or the next generation of regulators with the tools necessary to minimize the effects of that crisis."




Now we have to wait for a “certain” economic crisis to evaluate how what Senator Richard Shelby, R-Alabama has already called a “legislative monster” will “minimize the effects” of said crisis?


What more economic crisis situations do we need in order to test this theory?  Why the one being meticulously manufactured in the everyday workings of this current government of ours of course!  Total collapse is the goal and they are hell bent on seeing it happen!


This Reuters article from July 21, 2010, the date the bill was actually signed by Obama, contains a timeline for what takes place between now and five years from now.  That’s right – five years!  The bureaucracy this bill creates would be enough of a head shaker, but the unmitigated power it installs at all levels of government over all financial institutions is unconscionable.  All done in the name of protecting the dumb consumer against his stupid decisions, of course! 


Who is supposed to protect the wise citizens from the stupid decisions of government?  Can anyone answer that one?


Simultaneously this week we have seen another battle going on in Congress over yet another extension of unemployment benefits. 


This ABC video shows Obama castigating Republicans for blocking extension of unemployment benefits – not bothering to explain that Republicans are simply asking this be paid for and not “mortgaged” into the national debt!  About half way through this video, after dredging up once again the tired old mantra of how Republicans squandered a record surplus, (which never existed) Obama reminds his adorers that Republicans didn’t have any problem spending hundreds of billions of dollars on tax breaks for the wealthy.  Uh, excuse me, how do you SPEND money on a TAX BREAK?     


This government is leading the way to showing everyone exactly how to spend money you don’t have on things detrimental to the future of all freedom in this country.  It is bad enough that the “have-nots” and the “have less than they would likes” of society have been coerced into mortgaging their very souls for material goods on a debtor’s dime, which they will probably never be able to pay back, but for the government to insist that children who haven’t even been born yet be shackled with debt not of their making – just to buy power and votes for people who shouldn’t even be in power – is indeed criminal, just to put it mildly!


If you haven’t had enough just yet, let’s move on to another atrocity recently uncovered as we proceed to “see just what’s in” the Obamacare bill.  That was another landmark day in Congress, wasn’t it?  Bad enough that the IRS was put in charge of seeing to it that everybody buys insurance – clearly unconstitutional – but now the IRS will be a conduit through which will flow billions of dollars to help pay for that monstrosity.  They will be tasked with collecting and reporting data on every individual trying to do business in this country in a new and much more insidious way.  Set to take effect in 2012, Form 1099 reporting on all expenditures paid to an individual or business for products or services valued at over $600 in a calendar year.  (There are penalties for failure to comply.)


If you need it spelled out for you, feel free to investigate further.  To anyone who has ever owned and operated a business, I’m sure you can get the picture.  That’s the problem though, isn’t it?  The overwhelming percentage of folks now in control of what we have to do to comply with all their rules and regulations have NEVER had a real job – much less run a business of their own!


I began this rant about two weeks ago, then set it on a back burner to wait and see what would begin to boil over the side when things began to heat up.  You know, like the Speaker suggested – pass it and see what’s in it – I guess they do that with all the legislation these days.


So, here come the bubbles from that hot pot.  Read this story from July 28th and watch the accompanying video as we learned, just yesterday now, that the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) will no longer be required by the FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) to comply with inquiries from the public into any possible wrongdoing of theirs.  Yep, it’s in that wonderful new Financial legislation cobbled together to further “protect” the American people and their finances that includes this little piece of absurdity.


As the veil of secrecy continues to be gathered around what your government has planned for you, the stench is rising on a scorched pot of toxic gruel – all ready to be force-fed, once again, to a stupid American public. 


You aren’t supposed to ask questions of your government – but they can demand anything in the way of information or money from you!  Now that’s a sweet deal, huh?


Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, every day congress is in session is another landmark day.  It is no wonder that collectively the congress is more mistrusted than practically any single individual who may have graced that floor before being disgraced in any of a number of personally reprehensible ways – including the likes of former senator and presidential wannabe, John Edwards, who cheated on his cancer stricken wife and lied about it until DNA evidence of the resulting lovechild called him on it.  (I believe he tracks several points higher on that popularity poll.)


If you don’t refer to anything else in this article, don't skip this little tidbit of truth from a congressman’s own mouth about the perceived power of the federal government.  This is what we’ve come to.  This could be our future.  The Constitution be damned simply because it is no longer understood or adhered to by those who take what is obviously a false oath (to them) to uphold it.


Thank God for people like the woman who asked these questions at the town hall meeting, and the photographer who recorded it.  Take note of just how many times this same congressman has been sent back to congress to represent the people. 


Last week I wrote about the Faux News media becoming the Foe News media.  It follows that this week we must focus on the Faux Government becoming our greatest Foe.  I’m not the only one saying this.  Case in point, Sheriff Paul Babeu, Pinal County, Arizona, stated in a recent CNS News interview that, “Our own government has become our enemy and is taking us to court at a time when we need help.”  He was referring, of course, to the federal lawsuit brought against the state of Arizona to block that state’s recent illegal immigration law – which was gutted by a federal judge right before it could take effect.


If there are still any patriotic citizens in this country who do not truly feel the enmity of the federal government against individuals’ and states’ rights, all I have to say is God bless you in your totally irresponsible ignorance!  You know not what you believe.


So many topics exist that I have not even mentioned, which would add to the girth of this article, I could keep referencing examples for a very long time.  The “swamp” has obviously not been drained, as our illustrious Speaker promised.  Ethics violations by some of the most “well respected” and “esteemed” members of congress have forced themselves to the headlines as court procedures seem likely before the November election. 


Just another landmark day in congress, folks.  Ethics?  What are they?  Who can define them any more?  Foe News – Foe Government – who can keep up?  Pour me another cup of tea if you will, and uh, this time – spike it a little!



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