Another Ridiculous October Surprise?

Deborah Venable



Just when I think Iíve seen it all in the political campaign circus, something bizarre begs to differ with me.This week dawned to a YouTube link plastered all over the Internet, so I clicked on it and viewed it- not knowing that it would become a focal point of many conservative discussions before the first day was over.I viewed it twice because I could not believe what I was seeing!Actor, Michael J. Fox was doing a thirty-plus second campaign ad for Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat running for the Senate against incumbent Republican, Jim Talent.


Mr. Fox suffers from the debilitating disease known as Parkinsonís, characterized by varying degrees of a loss of muscle control.No one with any human empathy would wish this or any other ravaging disease on anyone, especially a pleasant young man in the prime of his life with a very visual career.Unfortunately, Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with it several years ago.††††††


Iím not going to pretend here that I have followed Mr. Foxís battle with his disease over the years, but I do know that he has continued to work, with medication, and has sponsored much research into a cure for the disease.It has come to light that he has appeared before Congressional hearings on appropriations etc.These things are not uncommon for celebrities who find themselves in personal battles, and with the star quality to draw attention to needed research, to help themselves and others fighting these battles with terrible diseases and injuries.I donít blame them a bit for using their notoriety to open pocketbooks for their causes.


But this is not what I see happening here.


Now, it seems, Mr. Fox is actively involved in other campaigns for Democrats who are supposedly supporting embryonic stem cell research against Republicans who are not.So, now we get down to the nitty gritty - back to that liberal need to promote embryonic stem cell research as the cure-all for every human malady known to man.In the 2004 election cycle, Christopher Reeves was the ball carrier for that team.Michael J. Fox has inherited that honor in this one.


I could write reams on this subject, and have in the past, but letís tell this story like it is.The research IS being done Ė no matter the very real moral issues involved.The only thing that is being stemmed, no pun intended, is Federal Taxpayer Dollars to pay for it.(Remember President Bushís ONLY veto?)


Very valuable research with extremely hopeful results, (although not necessarily in the fight against Parkinsonís) is being realized in the field of adult stem cell research and umbilical chord cell research.(Thatís AFTER a baby is allowed to live and be born.)Embryonic stem cell research is not producing the same hopeful results Ė but liberals INSIST that it be allowed, utilized, and taxpayer funded!


Enter Rush Limbaugh.For the last couple of days, Mr. Limbaugh has talked at great length about the Michael J. Fox political campaign ads.He had the same take on the subject as I did when I viewed the first ad.He also brought to my attention the fact that Mr. Fox has admitted he purposely ďgoes off his medicationĒ for personal appearances, specifically in Congressional hearings.We can certainly assume, then, that these ads were made under the same criteria Ė in order to illustrate the extreme ravages of Parkinsonís.


Rush simply stated that a compassionate person would not be off base wondering if perhaps Mr. Fox wasnít being used in an exploitive way by the Democrats in these campaign ads.It didnít take the media long, however, to go after Mr. Limbaugh with a vengence.


This is an unfolding story, and you can bet that it gets played for all itís worth in the liberal media.Leave it to the conservative to get blamed for truthfully commenting on the plight of a misguided liberal.What else is new?


For two excellent articles on this subject see Pandering Suffering For Political Gain and

The Unconscionable Claims Of Michael J. Fox Ė both published at the American Thinker today.



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