Birther Vetting – Misnomers For a Fraud

Deborah Venable



Time for another “inquiry into Obama’s eligibility” story.  I’m no idiot, so I know that I can’t pump out such a story every week or so and have any readers left.  However, it is well past time for me to pump out another inquiry into what makes Americans tick, and dare anyone (but myself of course) to publish it.    


I refuse to call it the “birther” issue any longer.  That doesn’t do it justice.  I also refuse to use the term, “vetting” any longer to describe the inquiry into Obama’s bona fides, because it is being misused by conservatives at a record rate at the present time.  How many well-known conservatives have you seen and heard referring to their current reporting work as “vetting” Obama “this time”?  It is all a joke!


Obama was not “vetted” four years ago and he isn’t being vetted now.  Rather an ignorant and/or uncaring populace sanctioned by a criminal press and media and government are enabling him.  Strong words, you say?  Prove me wrong.


I hate to say this but I still do not see a good outcome for November.  I know hope is riding high out there in conservative America, but the reality I am living in right now, cautions me against empty hope.  Every single time that I allow myself to think it can’t get any worse, fate steps in with a cold shower reality.  So I refuse to be “hopeful.” 


The prattle around last week’s Supreme Court hearing on Obamacare was outrageous.  Does anybody really think that this decision, whatever it may be, will allow for any sustained sighs of relief?  No one is saying that there is any possibility that the four liberal justices on the court will suddenly decide Obamacare is unconstitutional.  Everyone agrees that it is all up to how one or two conservatives and the “swing” justice decide to rule.  That the fate of the entire country rests in these people’s judgment is outrageous!  Not since the 1973 Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion has the court been used as such a devastating wrecking ball on American society. 


Obama’s ridiculous attempts to threaten the justices if they dare to rule against his bill kept the media buzzing all this week, even as they went to great lengths to cover for him.  Idiocy was on parade from the moment he opened his mouth, but that won’t make a difference either.


Vetting Obama would have prevented the biggest fraud in American history from being “selected” as our destructor-in-chief.  Hillary Clinton may well have won the election in the end, but she was the devil we knew.  I think even she knows that she could never have done such a massive amount of damage to the country in such a short period of time.  Anyway, she has been able to do quite enough damage as Secretary Of State, and I think she is satisfied with that.  But Hillary had tried with the healthcare debacle and failed.  Obama marched in with his race card theatrics and thug politics and game over!


We are in a Constitutional crisis – of that there is no doubt.  All branches of the government that could have done, and still could do something about it have decided instead to wait it out till the election.  The fourth estate has been trampled and or brainwashed into submission, so they just follow the Alinsky rule of ridicule to discredit anyone from voicing the truth and doing the real vetting.  No, I do not see relief coming in this election.  If the fraud is reelected the country is over as we have ever known it.  If the moderate Republican manages to squeak out a win, don’t expect him to order a bulldozer to fix the problems.  He’ll show up with band-aids.  The Constitution will still be in tatters because it all happened in the first place and was not answered by a concerned American public.


The financial crisis will continue to weaken and ruin areas of the country that should be strong.  The social crisis will continue to decay any remaining morality in this once great society.  Meanwhile the ignorant march around demanding social justice over liberty.  Ask them to define social justice, and see what kind of gruel they come up with – if they even attempt it.  Too bad they never learned about Communism.  Social recovery will only begin with a return to freedom FROM the religion of atheism.  Financial recovery will only begin with wiping out any vestiges of socialism and communism left in this country.  


You cowards who refuse to call a spade a spade and a fraud a fraud can thank yourselves for putting this country in the worst war she will ever have to fight.  It will be ugly, and it will diminish all hope until truth, liberty, and real justice can prevail. 


Some people will not be satisfied until American streets run red with blood, and any security we might have once felt will be long gone.  Society is getting closer to that powder keg moment with every day that passes.


The subject of eligibility is not the “distraction” it is accused of being by those too nervous to talk about it.  It is the honest discussion that should have taken place openly long before the fraud was ever put on the ballot.  Are we now about to make the same mistake all over again by failing to verify and only trusting the fraud?  That is a distraction?  I suppose it is another distraction to be concerned about Constitutional restraints on this government being ignored every single hour of every single day, huh?


The things that we know are going on right now are bad enough, but what about all the planning and scheming that we are blissfully unaware of?  Who knows what this thoroughly infiltrated government complex of communist goals really has in store for us over the next few weeks, months, or years?  How long do they think it will take for them to strike that final, fatal blow to individualism with their collectivist actions?  If the fraud gets his four more years, I would think that blow will come sooner rather than later.  (Insert the ridicule of “fear mongering” here if you lean left.) 


Then there are the ignorant masses that really think Obama is a great president and socialism/communism should replace freedom and capitalism.  They are incapable of a single independent thought that does not involve collectivist ideas.  Many of these people reside at the two extremes of the economic “class” model – those either too dumb or too smart to listen to opposing views to their own.  Caught up in the poverty of government dependence, or indoctrinated by the careful grooming of wealthy elitism, these people are truly pitiful.  They are the vast liberal voting bloc.  How do you reach either group?


If anyone ever needed to be frog marched out of the Oval Office before the election, it is its current occupant.  The “distraction” could accomplish that if it is ever taken seriously.  He needn’t be the only one either – everyone who covered for him should be included in constitutionally sanctioned criminal charges.


The only remaining hope, and it burns brightly in my own heart and many others, is that good wins out over evil.  The sure and certain knowledge is that God is not neutral, and that enough would be willing to honor the covenant. 



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