The Latest Steppingstone To Shariah Law and/or Communism

Deborah Venable



How stupid do you have to be to buy the garbage currently being peddled by the media and all those educated elite “occupiers” parading around the streets of so many major cities in America right now?  How stupid?   Who’s keeping their eye on the ball of world events?  Certainly not this bunch!


Come on, people!  You have been whipped up into a frenzy by professional revolutionaries – and most of you don’t even know it or care I guess!


For all the regular Americans who do indeed know what is going on, I am sure I don’t have to point out what this is costing in American fortune.  The poor people, (yeah, even those on Wall Street) that happen to be surrounded by the crazies right now are suffering first hand attacks on all their senses I am sure.  In the best test of the Golden Rule philosophy, how would YOU like to live or work in and around these occupiers? 


So, this is what democracy looks like, huh?  Thank God our founders didn’t leave us a democracy then!


Think back a few months to that lovely beginning if the so-called “Arab Spring.”  Especially the uprising, uh, occupation of Egypt – you know where “democracy was on the march” as so many liberals in America were hailing as a wonderful thing.  How’d that work out?  Oh, that’s right – with the Muslim Brotherhood and Shariah Law being “installed” to rule over all that democracy.  I’ll bet even some of the ancient pharos are rolling over in their crypts and getting their mummy wrappings in a bunch to say the least! 


Then there’s Libya.  Hillary said it best, didn’t she?  “We came, we saw, he died.  Ha ha ha ha.”  More evidence of “democracy on the march” eh?  Mob rule, (just another name for democracy, folks, will always be couched in communism or Shariah Law.  Get it yet?  They use each other until they are ready to grab the golden ring of tyrannical power exclusively for themselves, then the first to go are those that helped them the most. 


Whose mob will eventually rule then?


I have to love the few folks who are trying to use logic to reach these occupiers.  I guess they don’t know that logic is not persuasive – certainly not with this crowd.  Some are just waiting for the cold weather to diminish their numbers and make the whole thing a moot point.  Listen to the “leaders” now talking up springtime.  With the thaw will come a new uprising unlike anything we have seen thus far? 


The time being spent on this stuff offends me.  Ridiculous comparisons to the TEA party movement are ignorant unless used to show direct opposites in behavior and goals.  Show me the facts of bottom line costs of these two “movements” to people not taking part in them.  TEA party gatherings didn’t cost anything, and in fact added to various city coffers via permit and fee charges paid.  I am sure businesses surrounding the various venues probably prospered from these gatherings and I doubt if the folks living nearby felt threatened or sickened by them.  Need I draw the comparison to the “occupy” crowds?  I’m offended just looking at pictures of these people even if I never heard what they have to say.


I am offended by the ignorance and the brainwashing that is going on, and I am offended by the complicit media cover up of the organizers’ true intentions.  While criminal activity runs rampant, we are told that these people are peaceful.  Bottom line – the eggs being broken to make this omelet are rotten, and the crooks doing the cooking are certainly not patriots!


I hear now that “the people” are finally getting tired of the whole “occupy” process.  Even that news is a bit of a stretch.  When were the people that mattered not tired of the communist attempts to “transform” this country?  Do you still think we were ever actually outnumbered?


We have a constitutional republic rooted in Judeo-Christian faith, which allows for full secular participation, and it is fueled by individual freedom and fair capitalism.  If you truly think that radical Islam and/or communism disguised as a democracy will make you better off, you are a fool.  I would suggest that you have an awful lot to learn and a short time to learn it.   



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