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As we find ourselves staring down the “barrel” into the last quarter of this tumultuous year, we may also “target” a common denominator to describe current events.  We could look at life as just one big “battleground” these days.  Lord knows there are reminders everywhere we look of the “fight” we are in for everything from basic survival to retrieving and saving freedom itself.  “Enemies” to those two things abound everywhere we look, and “revolution” is all the “rage” now.  Yep, I’d say we’re seeing the tools of “warfare” at work.


Okay, so it’s a bit of a gimmicky article, but we have to find a little fun in some of these really serious subjects or we’d all just go bonkers!


I would like to conduct a little warfare on ignorance because that is the most destructive enemy we have to fight right now.  My son reminded me recently that the easiest way to rile him up is to question his knowledge, (with none of my own) on facts.  I won’t even go into the subject matter we were discussing, but suffice it to say that he made his point well, (as he always does) and I came away with a much clearer understanding of the subject matter of this particular article.  Discussing any subject from a point of ignorance will always be a losing battle.  If we can’t be bothered to hear the facts from the other side, check them for ourselves, and allow ourselves to be educated, we will forever be facing this most destructive enemy.


Thank-you, Brett!


Now, I will tell on myself – I tried to play the “I’m your mother, so please respect me card” on my son and it only infuriated him more – rightfully so.  I taught my kids that respect is earned and is mutually granted in a good relationship.  This subject of “mutual respect” is sprinkled liberally throughout my parenting book.  So, with that little background, let’s attack the subject at hand.


The latest “warfare” we are hearing about in the news is the “class warfare” being waged in the name of Obama’s new “jobs bill.”  In one breath, he says it isn’t class warfare, and in the next one he claims to wear the accusation as a “badge of honor.”  Now, Mr. President, there is NO honor in a lie.  If you really think that you are being accused unjustly, the “badge” would be based on a lie, and if you are the one lying about the subject, YOU have no honor, sir.  Present your knowledge of the facts, let us hear you out, check the facts for ourselves, and proceed with an honest discussion, shall we?


This jobs bill is just another progressive attempt at tweaking the already ungodly tax code in the name of economically unsound and unfounded principles.  The only good thing that could possibly come from it is a greater understanding of just how dangerous the tax code is.  It has always been a weapon of class warfare – pure and simple.  Ignorance abounds on the subject of taxes in this country and that is a devastating problem.  Simple facts about the federal income tax alone are so misunderstood and misrepresented that most people still don’t realize the income tax was instituted as a sneak attack on the American people by a government that had no right to even consider such a weapon.  It is a weapon of mass destruction on individual freedom, on American lives, and on the American economy. 


Progressive income tax is a weapon that must be dismantled if we are to survive.


If anyone attempts to address this subject with the true facts, he is immediately accused of an unpatriotic attitude, (thank-you, Joe Biden), or complete lack of human charity.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Only a complete idiot would think that a government should not be funded by some kind of tax, but only a complete idiot would think that the tax should be extracted at “gun point” based on an unequal rate of liability.  That’s what we now have I guess – a country full of complete idiots.


The progressive income tax wields ungodly power for the government entity and those individuals that control it.  Much like every tyranny that ever existed, the government that wields such power, (federal, state, or local) is no better than the most ruthless king, dictator, or other evil ruler that ever lived.  No better.  It can decide who lives and dies, who succeeds or fails, who is comfortable or miserable, who is enslaved or free.  These are indisputable facts.  They are easily checked for accuracy – and they should be.  Many already know these truths and have been fighting for years to abolish the progressive income tax in America. 


It makes me sick when people of power and influence jump into this class warfare argument hobbled by lies or blinded with greed and try to use words like “fair share” to tell the rest of us how stupid and greedy we are for not accepting the lies.  It also further infuriates me because they expect us to respect their ranting just because of who they are!  They couldn’t make the argument without the ignorance of the people on their side.


Here is my proposal.  Income should never be taxed.  It is fundamentally wrong to do so.  There is no possible tweaking of the existing tax code that will change this fact, fix any of our problems, make this country stronger, or help any single individual.  Therefore, it must be scrapped.  There will always be poor people, but we are a nation of charitable individuals that will not turn a blind eye to real need.  That is how it should be – voluntary contributions to charitable causes.  The need to fund the government can be secured via voluntary investment and end use tax on certain items.  I have stated before that I have supported the idea of the Fair Tax for years, but even it has flaws.  They are built-in flaws for the sole purpose of making it palatable to government entities and poorer individuals, but they are better than what we have now.  I foresee a time when these flaws would spark another class warfare battle down the road, so we must be careful.


The steps that must be taken to insure the best outcome has to start with abolishment of taxing income and abolishing the agency responsible for collection of these taxes.


With the threats of either higher taxes or tax exemptions to hold over the heads of individuals and other tax paying entities, the government will always wield control it should not have.  Such is the evil of unequal tax rates.  Anyone who truly understands the self-governing freedom constituted in original American government cannot present any facts to adequately argue that point.  Instead, it is argued with the class envy weapon that contains absolutely no merit. 


The disingenuous argument from the liberal progressive rich, (who beg to be taxed more) is no better than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  They do not come across as looking at all benevolent except to those who refuse to educate themselves.  They should be ashamed for not having enough faith in other Americans to achieve success for themselves without a governmental artificial “stimulus” of redistribution.   


As long as the enemy camp to individual liberty is firmly installed in government and policy, as it is today, we will be at war.  That is a fact.  Check it and try to disprove it if you will.  Are we going to remain a country of complete idiots, or do everything in our power to dismantle the tools of this warfare?


Back to the archives – but only if you are willing to dig deep - The Cost Of Ignorance should be able to spark the growth of a few new brain cells.  I put this together about nine years ago, and the evil elements present then have only grown worse.


“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War, Special Edition



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