Change, Change, Change!

Deborah Venable



It is hard to know exactly the moment that the tide turned on America.  There had to be one moment in history when a group of people decided that they were tired of the way things were and change, therefore, needed to occur.  This group of people were tired of not having a king, perhaps, or they felt strange not having laws that limited what they could say without being arrested.  They may have grown tired of not having to prove who they were or submit to inspection of their persons and their property.  Freedom became too heavy a cross to bear for this group of people, so they set about to change things.


They remembered that a minority of the colonists in the New World had declared their wish to be free from the English king.  This minority systematically organized a revolution, fought their rag tag ill-equipped battles and sent the English packing while they simultaneously set about to devise a system of government that would impact the world in a way man had never before seen.  Yes, they were a minority, but they pulled it off by employing their God given rights to a better way of life.  They implemented a change that could and would be studied and emulated, but never duplicated, in places all over the globe.  Sometime after all that, this new group of minority decided that another change needed to take place.


Freedom, had been a hoot for a little while, but human beings have a tendency to grow tired of monotony, so they began to yearn for the days of having to answer to ungodly things.  What other reason could there possibly be for people to toss away freedom?  They either have to fear or hate individual freedom and responsibility before they can wish to change a system of laws and government that guarantee and promote both.  Freedom had just grown too passé for our little group.


So, just as their ancestors before them, this minority group of people turned the tide on America.  They knew exactly where to start to cut her throat and make her bleed – that hated Constitution and its first ten Amendments!  That was America’s unquestioned Achilles Heel – that awful old Document!  Not content just to see America bleed to death from lost freedoms, our “visionary” group decided to employ parasites to burry deeply into the flesh of America and suck her blood, which wasn’t moving fast enough out of her gaping wounds, and scavengers to clean up the whole mess from the outside. 


The old girl has not gone down without a fight, of course, as is the case with most great beasts that are attacked by smaller enemies.  She has struggled and roared; she has gone down and risen up countless times, her blood has been slung the width and breadth of the earth in this violent life and death struggle, her strength is waning.  The changelings continue their watch in awe of this animal of freedom’s refusal to die, but they do not cease their attack.  Their spears grow larger and more damaging every day.  The parasites feast on the rotted flesh of lost liberties and the scavengers tidy the wounds of battle to obscure its evidence from those who might care. 


Some of those who do care rush in to bind up the wounds with scraps of Old Glory, shout words of encouragement to the old girl as she writhes in pain, and sends some of the scavengers scurrying away so the “mess” will be evident to more who might care.  We gladly take some of the spears and toss back our own.  We stand accused and misunderstood by those who keep shouting for change, change, change!  They misunderstand that we, too, know it is time for change – now it is.  Now that today’s America is an unrecognizable shadow of her former self, change must occur to heal her. 


And so it goes, everything changes, it always has.  Some change is called for.


America’s heart is still strong, even as the ribs that surround it are broken and bruised.  Her womb still gives birth to those who would “honor their parent.”  Her brain struggles through the pain of constant attack to produce clear thought and command raw nerves, but in the end it will be the brain that gives out first.  When America reaches the point that those raw nerves cannot be commanded or controlled, the death throes will be an awful sight to behold.  The tide will drown all in its path, and those who first set about to change America, as well as all her foreign enemies, will be engulfed in the vacuum of her absence.



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